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‘Doctor Strange’ And The Sorcerer Supreme’s Infinity Stone (Movie Review)

It should be exciting for Marvel to invite audiences to the wizarding world of Doctor Strange. Armed with another strong cast and the ability to produce some fantastic visuals that stand out in a way that’s uncharacteristically inventive for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this 14th entry in the series that began with Iron Man back in 2008 at […]


SDCC 2016: Marvel Releases One Hall H Exclusive Online – The Cool Doctor Strange Trailer

Marvel Studios had a ton of stuff to show audiences inside Hall H, this past Saturday at Comic-Con, but only one of those things made it (officially) online and that’s the new trailer for Doctor Strange. This is the upcoming origin story film for Stephen Strange, the neurosurgeon-turned-hero of the mystical arts, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch in […]


WSB Podcast: Doctor Strange, ID4: Resurgence, 4K Blu-ray, New Comic Releases!

We have RETURNED with a new episode of the WSB Podcast! Here we talk Doctor Strange and all it’s controversies, Independence Day: Resurgence and why it makes us sad, 4K Blu-ray will it change the game?, plus Wes Middleton talks New Comic releases!


Shohan’s Top 10 Movie List for 2015

So concludes this year of movie adventures!  There have definitely been some surprising highs along with a few soul crushing lows, (cough) Fantastic 4 (cough).  But through it all, we have persevered to reach the truly great films of the past year that keep giving us a reason to leave our cozy homes in favor […]


Captain America: Civil War (Trailer Review)

I’m just so excited at the release of this trailer I had to put together a review! Here you’ll get a little background on the “Civil War” story from the comics as well as a some theories on what we’ve seen so far in the this first trailer. This is the day that MANY a […]



I was not planning on putting out a full article on this, but a press release does make things a lot easier, so here it is: This morning, Marvel unveiled a heap of announcements regarding their upcoming films for Phase 3 of their cinematic universe. Lots of reasons for comic book and superhero movie fans […]