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Could Black Panther become the new Batman?!

So I had pretty high hopes for how the Black Panther was going to be presented in the latest Marvel movie “Captain America: Civil War”.  Fortunately, I was not disappointed.  There were a few moments prior to seeing the film when I was a little worried that he was gonna come off as just some […]


‘Batman v Superman’ Is Gorgeous And Grim, With Little Room For Fun (Movie Review)

At its very best, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice depicts sequences ripped straight out of an Alex Ross comic book. When at its worst, this is a cold, muscled-up film that has the feel of something written by Frank Miller, minus the irony. There is far too much on display for me to call […]


Countdown to Batman Vs. Superman: A Death in the Family (Comic Review)

In the days leading up to Batman Vs. Superman, some of us here at whysoblu wanted to discuss our favorite Batman and Superman comics to recognize and appreciate the storied history of these characters. So without further ado… A Death in the Family, written by Jim Starlin (Infinity Gauntlet), and illustrated by Jim Aparo (House of […]


Captain America: Civil War (Trailer Review)

I’m just so excited at the release of this trailer I had to put together a review! Here you’ll get a little background on the “Civil War” story from the comics as well as a some theories on what we’ve seen so far in the this first trailer. This is the day that MANY a […]