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SDCC 2016: The Hall H Experience – Justice League

This is my very first Comic Convention and I’ve spent most of my time walking around with my mouth agape in awe at the incredible variety and awesomeness that San Diego Comic Con International has to offer!  Its like a temporary entertainment epicenter for the whole world to flock to en mass.  I honestly can’t conceive […]


Could Black Panther become the new Batman?!

So I had pretty high hopes for how the Black Panther was going to be presented in the latest Marvel movie “Captain America: Civil War”.  Fortunately, I was not disappointed.  There were a few moments prior to seeing the film when I was a little worried that he was gonna come off as just some […]


Countdown to Batman v. Superman – Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Comic Review)

In the days leading up to Batman Vs. Superman, some of us here at whysoblu wanted to discuss our favorite Batman and Superman comics to recognize and appreciate the storied history of these characters. So without further ado…   It’s probably one of the best comic books ever written and quite possibly the perfect batman […]


‘The Town’ is Wicked Entertainment

The Town is a very fun bank heist/cops and robbers movie.  The film is Ben Affleck’s second time in the director’s chair, a follow up to the excellent Gone Baby Gone, and this film proves that he is quite capable behind the camera.  The film is well made, wonderfully entertaining and backed by a strong […]


Stop Into ‘The Town’ This Weekend

Although I’m certainly not biggest Ben Affleck fan around, The Town is definitely one of the movies I have been looking forward to all summer long since seeing its trailer.  Maybe it’s those devilish looking bank robbing masks that just remind me so much of  Point Break or maybe it’s the simple fact that this […]