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‘Trolls’ Sparkles And Glitters Its Way Through A Stock Animated Adventure (Movie Review)

Sometimes it is necessary to expect a level entertainment that simply does not work for you. Trolls is essentially fine in providing an assortment of colors and music to keep its intended audience (younglings) thrilled for a majority of the screentime. There is a message at its core, the voice actors all seem game, the […]


SDCC 2016 – Boss Baby out shined by Trolls panel?

Boss Baby was a surprise that popped up at the end of the Trolls panel.  It only lasted for about 30mins, but the opportunity to see footage of a talking baby voiced by Alec Baldwin was well worth the wait.  Boss Baby is the story of a family who’s new addition to the family turns […]


SDCC 2016: The Hall H Experience – Justice League

This is my very first Comic Convention and I’ve spent most of my time walking around with my mouth agape in awe at the incredible variety and awesomeness that San Diego Comic Con International has to offer!  Its like a temporary entertainment epicenter for the whole world to flock to en mass.  I honestly can’t conceive […]


SDCC 2016 – Dreamworks’ “Trolls” Panel!

Chris Hardwick hosts Dreamworks‘ Trolls Panel featuring directors Mike Mitchel and Walt Dorn and the stars of the film Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake. You might remember the directors from their work on the Shrek films. They explain how they took on the responsibility of creating the world and origin of the Trolls. A task that […]