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SDCC 2016: The Hall H Experience – Justice League

This is my very first Comic Convention and I’ve spent most of my time walking around with my mouth agape in awe at the incredible variety and awesomeness that San Diego Comic Con International has to offer!  Its like a temporary entertainment epicenter for the whole world to flock to en mass.  I honestly can’t conceive […]


SDCC 2014: Out Now Presents A Comic Con 2014 Recap

So there are plenty of ways I could go over the various panels I saw throughout my time at Comic Con.  I have done so in a number of articles already, but all of this work certainly takes a lot of work.  So, with that said, rather than recap the same panels in written form, […]


WonderCon 2014: Warner Bros. Presentation – Edge of Tomorrow, Into The Storm, and Godzilla

Saturday was the big day at WonderCon, as far as the big studio films were concerned, as the Anaheim Convention Center’s Arena had a back-to-back-to-back-to-etc. lineup of movie studios showing off some of their upcoming big action/sci-fi movies.  The morning kicked off with Warner Brothers, who were proud to show off new footage from Edge […]


WB Debuts New Trailers For Godzilla, Jupiter Ascending, and Edge of Tomorrow

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug is a big release for this time of year, with a likely gross ending up north of a billion dollars worldwide.  Given the nature of this release, it only makes sense for Warner Brothers to debut trailers for a few of their potential blockbusters for next year around the same […]


‘Ninja Assassin’ iPhone/Touch Game ** 99 cents! **

To coincide with my thrilling Blu-ray review of Warner Brothers’  Ninja Assassin (over here) I wanted to let all our readers know that the Ninja Assassin game for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch is only a mere 99 cents to download/buy.  We just thought that anybody who enjoyed the movie as much as we did […]