SDCC 2014: Out Now Presents A Comic Con 2014 Recap

2014 WSB Comic Con CoverageSo there are plenty of ways I could go over the various panels I saw throughout my time at Comic Con.  I have done so in a number of articles already, but all of this work certainly takes a lot of work.  So, with that said, rather than recap the same panels in written form, which have been covered on the day and read by thousands already, I figured I would publish a couple podcast episodes featuring myself and friend/fellow movie lover/Comic Con veteran Alan Aguilera.  The two of us took the time, during Comic Con, to go over our experiences from Wednesday through Saturday.  These were recorded on Friday and Sunday mornings, with part 2 being a good example of how exhausted we were, after seeing so much.  Continue on to listen to a couple bonus episodes from Out Now with Aaron and Abe (the podcast I co-host), which features discussions of Marvel, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Legendary Pictures, Sony Pictures, Sin City, Batman the TV Show, 24, Sleepy Hollow, Comedy Central, Adult Swim, and many other panel presentations, along with various stories, showroom floor experiences, and the craziness that was the Hall H line this year.

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To back up a bit for those who are not aware, in addition to devoting a lot of time to Why So Blu? (which I love doing), I also co-host a podcast called Out Now with Aaron and Abe.  We generally discuss new film releases, with a collection of guests from all over the movie blogosphere, among other places.  For Comic Con, Alan and myself have actually recapped Comic Con for the past couple years, but this is the first time we decided to record, while Comic Con was still happening, let alone in the same room together, with the experience still fresh in our minds.  So despite our exhausted state, we decided to go over our experience, edit the show very quickly, and publish it out to iTunes and everywhere else that Out Now is available.  And here it is, our Comic Con recap:


Here is Part 1 of Out Now’s recap show, which features Alan and Myself going over Preview night and Thursday at Comic Con, which includes discussions of some of the big panels at Comic Con, such as Paramount and Sony Pictures, among other topics. Check it HERE, HERE, HERE, or below:

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Here is Part 2 of Out Now’s recap show, which features Alan and Myself way more exhausted, but going over Friday and Saturday at Comic Con, which includes discussions of some major panels at Comic Con, such as Marvel, Warner Brothers, Legendary, various TV shows, Hall H, and more. Check it HEREHEREHERE, or below:

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Aaron is a writer/reviewer for WhySoBlu.com.  Follow him on Twitter @AaronsPS4.
He also co-hosts a podcast,
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