NOAH Blu-ray: Interactive Infographic and Mobile App

noah app 2My review of the NOAH Blu-ray is coming very soon, but for now, why not check out some neat info regarding Noah’s Ark and a new app, where you can build your own Ark.  This might be a bit less difficult than making a real ark, so be sure to check that out and stay tuned for a full review of the Blu-ray for Noah.  Continue on to see all this Noah-themed goodness!

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 The Blu-ray drops on July 29th, but for now, check this out:

 Paramount created a free app for the release which is available on both the iPhone and the Android platforms.  The NOAH: Ark Builder app draws upon popular web games that let the user build the ark to prepare for the flood, and includes clips from the film.  The app is available here: http://www.noahmovie.com/app.

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Here is an infographic that includes a ton of information about the ark, including facts on the historical ark, factoids about the ark thatwas built specifically for the film, and some scenes from the Blu-ray special features:
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