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Countdown to Batman v. Superman – Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (Comic Review)

In the days leading up to Batman Vs. Superman, some of us here at whysoblu wanted to discuss our favorite Batman and Superman comics to recognize and appreciate the storied history of these characters. So without further ado…   It’s probably one of the best comic books ever written and quite possibly the perfect batman […]


Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist: February 27, 2014

This week’s pick we’re going to go way way way way back in the day on.  Its actually 2 separate titles, but it’ll make sense why I included two of them in just 1 wishlist piece.  You’ll see. . . . .


Batman: Under the Red Hood (Blu-ray Review)

Not all that long ago, I came across DC’s latest animated title to hit the streets.  Titled Batman: Under the Red Hood, Amazon included a brief clip from the film that contained some action, though offered little in the way of substance.  It was questionable that DC released yet another Batman title in their animated […]