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Triple 9 (Blu-ray Review)

Get your Ski-Masks ready, cuz we’re goin’ on a heist! Triple 9 has a massive cast of stars and talent that are perfectly picked for these roles.  A group of ex-military dirty cops set out on one big final bank robbery before they go their separate ways off into the sunset.  But things take a […]


Could Black Panther become the new Batman?!

So I had pretty high hopes for how the Black Panther was going to be presented in the latest Marvel movie “Captain America: Civil War”.  Fortunately, I was not disappointed.  There were a few moments prior to seeing the film when I was a little worried that he was gonna come off as just some […]


Da Vinci’s Demons – The Complete Third Season (Blu-ray Review)

This season opens with the Turkish army as their ships approach the shores of Italy, poised to attack.  Meanwhile Da Vinci is at the ready with one of his inventions; he has secured multiple cannons together in a way that they can be fired and maneuvered by one person.  But what he doesn’t know is […]


The 2015 Film That Made Shohan Cry: Inside Out.

Be warned, there are spoilers ahead for Inside Out.  There’s just no way to talk about this movie and why it effected me so much without going into the details. I feel like 2015 was the year of surprise hits.  You go in expecting to see some by the numbers idea that you’ve seen a […]


The Flash – Season 1 Limited Edition (Soundtrack Review)

From “La-La Land Records” comes the Soundtrack for The CW’s first season of “The Flash”!  Written by award winning Composer Blake Neely, this limited edition 2 disc release is jam packed with exciting and emotionally driven music that allows you to relive the thrilling experience of watching the show!  It also includes music from THE […]