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Gerard’s Top Music Albums of 2013!

I think this is my first Top Music Album list ever. I may have worked on a couple of other music related lists for WSB but they were never about what I thought cut the muster in any given year. The catalyst for this decision is that I received an analog (non-USB) turntable for my […]


Gregg’s 2010 Album of the Year

As of a few weeks ago, I had no intention of writing this article, simply because I had no material worthy of this honor.  The top 40 on the radio usually consists of “in the moment” tunes that may be decent, but come from albums that lack a solid performance from the first track to […]


‘TRON: Legacy’ Fights for the Users and the Audience

In 1982, Disney released an original science fiction film known as TRON. Despite its unique concept and the presence of Jeff Bridges, the film was only met with moderate success, developing a cult following over the years. TRON’s most notable aspect, at the time, was in regards to the way it pioneered the use of computer technology to create its special effects. Despite this notable quality, the film was disqualified from Oscar consideration regarding the special effects, because it was deemed to have cheated. Now, 28 years later, due to the power young geeks who grew up watching TRON and are now working for Disney, a sequel has been made.


Tron: Legacy – The Functional and The Faulty

This past summer at San Diego’s Comic-Con, I had the very rare opportunity to speak with Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges regarding his role in the revival of the Tron franchise.  I had asked the seasoned screen vet what his reaction was when he was approached to do a sequel since the first film came out nearly […]