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Ghost: Meliora (Album Review)

Sweden’s Ghost is back with their highly anticipated 3rd album, Meliora. Steeped in subversive themes of humanism, counterculture and anti-establishmentarianism, the album was produced by Klas Ahlund, mixed by Andy Wallace, and is their heaviest and most melodic project to date. Lead singer Papa Emeritus II has been ‘let go’ and will be replaced by […]


Gerard’s Top Music Albums of 2013!

I think this is my first Top Music Album list ever. I may have worked on a couple of other music related lists for WSB but they were never about what I thought cut the muster in any given year. The catalyst for this decision is that I received an analog (non-USB) turntable for my […]


Ghost BC: ‘If You Have Ghost’ (Album Review)

Halloween came and went in a flash but the spirit has not left us here at Why So Blu?, because we have returned to the darkness to profile one of the most eclectic, charming, and diabolical bands to come out of Sweden in some time. Wait, did I say Sweden, Svenska? We’ve been profiling bands from […]