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Disney Delivers Wows with ‘Tron: Uprising’

Though there are only 2 films to its credit, the successful Tron franchise is frequently mentioned when it comes to landmark special effects. The original film from 1982 set a visual standard back then and that high quality was maintined when Tron: Legacy entered the digital fray in 2010. The series now continues with that same […]


TRON – The Original Classic and TRON: Legacy 2D/3D Box Set (Blu-ray Review)

Disney took a huge gamble in 1982 when they released TRON into the marketplace.  It was so unlike anything else, that it never found an audience worthy of its ambition.  For most movies, that would have been the end of it, with no chance of redemption or an ongoing franchise.  Then a couple of things […]


Tron & Tron: Legacy Coming to Blu-ray April 5th!

Attention all Programs!  Tron and Tron: Legacy are both coming to Blu-ray April 5th!  Prepare for disc wars, lightcycles, and more when the original movie and it’s long awaited sequel finally arrive in high definition!  I can’t wait to see how these look on Blu-ray and how the 3D turns out!  Based on the last […]


Tron: Legacy – The Functional and The Faulty

This past summer at San Diego’s Comic-Con, I had the very rare opportunity to speak with Oscar-winning actor Jeff Bridges regarding his role in the revival of the Tron franchise.  I had asked the seasoned screen vet what his reaction was when he was approached to do a sequel since the first film came out nearly […]


Comic-Con 2010: Tron Legacy Press Event

It was nearly 30 years ago when Disney released a science fiction film that altered the landscape of special effects.  Known simply as Tron, the film included the likes of the now Oscar winner Jeff Bridges.  The story was simple; a guy gets warped into a computer and has to find his way out.  Little […]