Aaron’s Most Anticipated Films of 2023 – A Month-By-Month Look

Let’s do this thing. I’ve assembled my list of Most Anticipated Films for 2023. It’s always exciting to look ahead at the upcoming releases for the year. Keeping that in mind, I’m well aware that some movies may not even be on my radar as of yet. However, it’s always fascinating to have an idea of all the current potential and narrow it down to a collection of intriguing or fun-looking titles. The following is a month-by-month look at what movies I am looking forward to seeing this year (links for trailers where available). Feel free to name the films you are all looking forward to in the comments.

First, let’s start with a recap of my 2022 picks:


January – ScreamThe first good Scream movie since the second; I had a good time with this legacy sequel.

February – MoonfallIt’s junk, but the kind of junk that Roland Emmerich can make pretty entertaining.

March – The BatmanA bit too familiar for me to have more admiration for, but I appreciated the style Matt Reeves brought to it.

April – The NorthmanCompletely delivered on combining Robert Eggers’ arthouse sensibilities with being a totally metal Viking adventure.

May – Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of MadnessSam Raimi was given much more creative freedom than I expected, which helped this MCU flick stand out a bit more.

June – Jurassic World: DominionDino Theme Park 6 didn’t have a high bar to cross, and I was entertained.

July – NopeJordan Peele delivered another terrific film that made my top ten list. Only gets better every time I watch it.

August – BrosWas delayed to September and delivered on being a pretty standard but funny comedy from producer Apatow world, but with representation in mind.

September – Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning: Part One – Delayed

October – Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse – Delayed

November – Black Panther: Wakanda ForeverIn some ways, it outdoes the first film, but regardless, Ryan Coogler really gets how to make the MCU machine work in his favor.

December – Avatar: The Way of WaterJames Cameron absolutely delivered on his long-in-the-making sequel, as this return to Pandora was glorious.



Infinity Pool (1/27)

Brandon Cronenberg (son of David) follows up his twisted and supremely violent sci-fi/horror movie, Possessor, with what promises to be another intriguing and disturbing feature revolving around a vacationing couple (Alexander Skarsgard and Cleopatra Coleman) who discover something terrifying outside the walls of their resort. I don’t know what to expect, and that’s certainly part of the anticipation. January also has other offerings, ranging between the expansion of some award players I’ve already seen and, of course, the Sundance Film Festival. With that in mind, there’s a Nic Cage western, Guy Ritchie’s much-delayed heist comedy, the potentially funny action-comedy Shotgun Wedding, and, yes(!), a sequel to The Wandering Earth.

Others: Distant, Kids vs. Aliens, M3GAN, Missing, The Old Way, Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre, Plane, Saint Omer, Shotgun Wedding, There’s Something Wrong with the Children, The Wandering Earth 2, You People



Knock at the Cabin (2/3)

I root for M. Night Shyamalan in general. That has to be a unique area to land in, as the director can be hit or miss, yet he’s a unique filmmaker who challenges his audience in a way that keeps them coming back. I haven’t read the book Knock at the Cabin is based on, but this premise of a young girl and her parents being taken hostage and forced to make a choice to stop the apocalypse is right in Night’s wheelhouse, and the added bonus of an intense Dave Bautista only helps. This month also brings the MCU back with the third Ant-Man, whatever craziness is in store with Elizabeth Banks’ Cocaine Bear, and Liam Neeson as Detective Philip Marlowe.

Others: Ant-Man and the Wasp: QuantumaniaCocaine Bear, Emily, God’s Time, Magic Mike’s Last Dance, Marlowe, Return to Seoul, Sharper



Creed III (3/3)

Things are really kicking into gear in March, which has a fun number of things to look forward to (as well as a very meh-looking Dungeons & Dragons adventure). With that said, despite my confidence in many of these projects, Creed III has my vote as the top contender. I’ve very much enjoyed how Michael B. Jordan and company have expanded on the Rocky franchise, and with him stepping up to direct, as well as take on Jonathan Majors, that’s a match I need to see. Elsewhere, Scream is back already, and Ghostface will take Manhattan this time around. Also thinkin’ he’s back – John Wick in a fourth chapter. Shazam! is going to make some gods angry, apparently. Oh, and it’s spaceman versus dinosaur in 65, with Adam Driver. Exciting!

Others: 65, A Good Person, A Snowy Day in Oakland, Champions, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, Golda, Inside, John Wick: Chapter 4, The Lost King, Scream VI, Shazam! Fury of the Gods



Renfield (4/14)

I’m all for a fully committed Nicolas Cage landing in a big studio movie as a “pop-art” Dracula, as he’s described this iteration as being. Selling it from the perspective of a put-upon Renfield (Nicholas Hoult) is a fun approach, which looks like it has the goods based on this initial trailer. With all that in mind, horror will get a workout thanks to a new Evil Dead Film, which promises to go as hard as the other more horror-focused entries. I hope this is good, but The Super Mario Bros. movie is the most destined to be the first billion-dollar film of the year. Meanwhile, there are some smaller films of interest, including what looks like an enjoyable period costume drama, Chevalier, starring Kelvin Harrison Jr.

Others: The Black Demon, Chevalier, The Covenant, Evil Dead Rise, Heart of a Lion, Mafia Mamma, Paint, The Pope’s Exorcist, Quasi, R.M.N., Somewhere in Queens, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Suzume



Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 (5/5)

As we enter the Summer movie season, it’s finally time to see the Guardians of the Galaxy return in full form. Entertaining as they were in a couple Avengers films and their recent holiday special, getting to the end of the journey writer/director James Gunn has had in his head for a while should deliver on all the fun and emotion I expect from this makeshift family of weirdos. Also coming this month, speaking of family, the return of Dom and his gang in Fast X should be wild in various ways as the first of two final rides. And then there’s Disney’s latest live-action remake of one of their Disney Renaissance films, The Little Mermaid, with only director Rob Marshall standing in the way of the movie being above decent.

Others: About My Father, Fast X, The Little Mermaid, The Mother



Asteroid City (6/16)

I’ve already written about Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse before it got delayed, and since that’s my most anticipated film of this year, period, I figured I’d go in a different direction. Wes Anderson is a director who hasn’t missed for me, so hearing that he’s pulled together another ensemble cast featuring his regulars and some newbies such as Tom Hanks and Steve Carrell, I don’t know what to expect (it has to do with some kind of world-changing event during the 50s), but I have little doubt I won’t be delighted. Of course, June is also a big blockbuster month. James Mangold is taking over Indiana Jones, and I’m hoping for at least a fun adventure. The Flash is still threatening to speed on in here as well. Plus, Transformers are back, and they’ve brought the beasts with them. Pixar is digging into the elements, and they’ve apparently finally cracked Harold and the Purple Crayon.

Others: The Blackening, The Flash, Harold and the Purple Crayon, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, No Hard Feelings, Pixar’s Elemental, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Strays, Transformers: Rise of the Beasts



Oppenheimer (7/21)

I assume someone will one day write about the Oppenheimer/Barbie wars of 2023, given that both films open on the same day and will likely both make blockbuster grosses. With that in mind, while the idea of Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach teaming up for a Barbie movie makes me hope/expect it has some wit and edge akin to The LEGO Movie, I’ve remained a big Nolan guy. I don’t have much reason not to be excited about his latest Summer offering. This time it’s in the form of a massive biopic covering J. Robert Oppenheimer (who I know quite a lot about), so I’m sure it will explode with quality. Elsewhere, Mission: Impossible is back, and I expect it to be, by default, the best mainstream action movie of the year. Captain Marvel is back, bringing a couple of other Marvels with her. And if you have been holding your breath for another Insidious film, time to prepare for Patrick Wilson’s directorial debut.

Others: Barbie, Insidious: Fear the Dark, The Marvels, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning: Part One



Last Voyage of the Demeter (8/11)

I can’t wait to get more on this film, as that’s what a “most anticipated” list is all about. Last Voyage of the Demeter focuses on the crew’s experience on the ship that brought Dracula across the sea from his castle. That’s a cool portion of the original novel to expand into a feature. With Andre Ovredal (Trollhunter) directing, I want this to deliver its cargo properly. This surprisingly packed August also has a return of The Meg, more adventures with those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, DC’s not-canceled (yet) Blue Beetle movie, and Neill Blomkamp’s latest attempt to make good with audiences again with Gran Turismo.

Others: Blue Beetle, Challengers, Gran Turismo, Haunted Mansion, The Meg 2: The Trench, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem, They Listen, Untitled Please Don’t Destroy Project



Next Goal Wins (9/22)

It can be fun to see directors go back and forth with their “one for them” and “one for me” films. The last time Taika Waititi did that, he won an Oscar for Jojo Rabbit. After delivering another Thor, he now has this true story of a football coach (yes, soccer) tasked with turning a famously terrible team into an elite squad. Will this overlap with the final season of Ted Lasso? No idea, but Michael Fassbender leads the cast, and it was moved all the way to September, presumably in favor of possible awards buzz, so we’ll see. Elsewhere this month, maybe the third time is the charm, and I’ll finally like one of these Equalizer movies (doubtful). Perhaps the pattern of the Conjuring spin-off sequels being better will work out with The Nun 2. Jason Statham taking the lead on an Expendables film may make it suitable for more than just a one-time watch. I don’t know, but Kenneth Branagh’s Hercule Poirot is also back. Maybe we’ll get even more backstory about his mustache’s previous adventures.

Others: A Haunting in Venice, The Equalizer 3, The Expendables 4, The Nun 2



True Love (10/6)

Look, J.C. Chandor is an interesting name to see attached, but just like with the dreadful Morbius, I’ll need a lot more to convince me that Kraven the Hunter can work in a solo film. My pick for October is True Love, and I’m excited to finally see director Gareth Edwards delivering another movie. His big studio efforts, Godzilla and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, were great, and the guy’s visual effects background has made him a real standout in the realm of communicating a sense of scale and weight. I have no idea what his latest movie is about, other than it’s something involving sci-fi and romance, and it stars John David Washington, Gemma Chan, and Ken Watanabe, but color me intrigued. Also out – whatever Universal plans to do with all the money they spent on getting the rights to The Exorcist, and whatever Lionsgate intends to do with what little money they spent on putting together another Saw film featuring a returning Tobin Bell.

Others: The Exorcist, Kraven the Hunter, Saw X



Dune: Part Two (11/3)

There’s not too much to know about what’s going down in November as of yet outside of the bigger films, but who are we kidding? I can’t wait to see the follow-up to Dune. Denis Villeneuve’s first entry got me excited about something I had no real knowledge of. I’m fully prepared to see the other half of this primary story and whatever comes with it. More sandworms, more problems (in a good way), I say! Also coming is a return to the world of The Hunger Games, with the prequel entry in the series. And Disney’s latest animated feature, Wish.

Others: Disney’s Wish, The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds & Snakes



Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (12/25)

Black Adam told us all that the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe was going to change, but I didn’t exactly expect what ultimately occurred. That said, it seems like the last remaining vestige of the SnyderVerse is coming in the form of James Wan’s Aquaman sequel, which already had a foot out the door of that iteration of those characters anyway. The first film was a gonzo good time. I don’t know what other kingdoms are out there when we already had a lost kingdom of crazy monsters in the first film. Still, whatever, let’s see Jason Momoa bro out again as the fish king. What else is ending the year in film? Well, Timotheé Chalamet has another busy month with Wonka, a Willy Wonka musical by the director of Paddington. I wasn’t a fan of Ghostbusters: Afterlife, but maybe this sequel can do more now that it got all that poorly placed nostalgia out of its system. The Color Purple returns in musical form. And Illumination may offer something different (and better) with Migration.

Others: Wonka, The Color Purple, Untitled Ghostbusters: Afterlife Sequel, Migration


Dates Not Yet Set:

Of course, while plenty of films are listed, there is still only so much to be aware of in January, as plenty of other releases have not been scheduled yet. So, I’m happy to shout out some titles I am keeping in mind, such as Argylle, Beau is Afraid, Bottoms, Eileen, El Conde, Ferrari, The Governess, Havoc, Here, Horizon, Hypnotic, The Killer, Killers of the Flower Moon, Landscape with Invisible Hand, Leave the World Behind, Little Richard: I Am Everything, Maestro, Master Gardener, Magazine Dreams, Megalopolis, Napoleon, The Pod Generation, Poor Things, Rebel Moon, Salem’s Lot, Saltburn, Shirley, Showing Up, They Cloned Tyrone, Wildwood, and more. Plus, these films and others are coming from directors Martin Scorsese, Matthew Vaughn, Bradley Cooper, Marielle Heller, Gareth Evans, Ari Aster, Justin Simien, Kelly Reichardt, Ti West, Zack Snyder, Nia DaCosta, Yorgos Lanthimos, Michael Mann, Ridley Scott, David Fincher, Robert Rodriguez, and Francis Ford Coppola.


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