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‘Captain Underpants’ Is A Mighty Tighty Whitey Delight (Movie Review)

Huzzah or should I say tra la laaa! for another solid superhero movie this month. I have no familiarity with the Captain Underpants children’s book series, but I’m all for a film that can turn juvenile humor into an enjoyable, colorful and clever animated comedy about friendship and being yourself. That’s about as deep as it gets and while […]


Neighbors 2 Plays It Safe and Succeeds (Movie Review)

I have a weird kind of attachment to the first Neighbors outing.  It’s not because I liked it a lot, but it’s because it’s the last time my parents came down to visit me in Austin, TX.  You see, besides some friends, my parents are the only ones who have ever came down to visit […]


‘Neighbors 2’ Joins The Ranks Of Great Comedy Sequels (Movie Review)

Great comedy sequels or even good comedy sequels are rare to come by. So many risks are taken when it comes to both recapturing a certain magic and taking a premise to a new level. 2014’s Neighbors is not exactly a film that lends itself to a sequel, but it was a hit and the […]


Hidy Ho! ‘Neighbors’ (Movie Review)

In lesser hands, Neighbors could have been an easily forgettable mess of a film, with talented comedic performers simply going through the motions of a ‘versus’-type comedy.  The thing that separates a film like this from whatever junk a company like Happy Madison Productions tends to put out in theaters these days is the attempt […]


The Taking of ‘Muppets’ 123 (Movie Review)

I love Muppets.  2011 gave me a big bowl of smiles in the form of The Muppets; seemingly a return of the classic characters to the big screen in the form of what could have been an emotional farewell to them.  It happened to also be a hysterical (and Oscar-winning) comedy suitable for everyone, but […]


Hey It’s Time For Something Fun: The Muppets Most Wanted Teaser Trailer

A few years ago I was incredibly excited for the arrival of a new movie about the Muppets.  When it finally came out, I was so delighted by it.  The Muppets was one of my favorite films of that year.  The film had a great warmth about it, some wonderful songs, and plenty of other […]