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Adam’s Super Smooth Top Ten Films of 2021!

I must start this year’s top ten list off by radiating my excitement about this particular list.  I have been lucky enough to write for Whysoblu for approaching 3 years now.  I have written reviews, top ten lists, and published PR too.  I have loved all the work I’ve been able to do – even […]


Cruella (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

Despite everyone’s huffing and gruffing and sharing disappointment over lifeless Disney retreads of their animated classics in live action form, they keep making money. So, until that stops, they’ll keep turning them out in a rather seasonal and scheduled fashion. I have to wonder if they’ll ever make it to Home On The Range or […]


I, Tonya (Blu-ray Review)

I, Tonya was a film I was dying to see ever since it was first announced.  It killed me to see fellow Californians have access to it nearly a month before myself in crappy Austin, TX.  I was drawn to this movie not only because of my affinity for Margot Robbie as the mischievous Harley […]


‘The Finest Hours’ Is All Predictable Heroics (Movie Review)

Watching The Finest Hours made me think of how commendable it was to see Disney produce a historical disaster drama about a daring Coast Guard rescue. It is just too bad that all the visual effects used to convey a sense of scale were not enough to ever make the stakes feel that high. While […]


‘Million Dollar Arm’ Fouls Out (Movie Review)

It is easy to see the main issue with Million Dollar Arm, as it is all over the poster. I like Jon Hamm, I look forward to seeing what he does, once Mad Men ends and he can really delve into some much better film roles, which he is more than able to handle, but […]


SDCC 2011: DreamWorks: Fright Night

It is funny how two Hall H panels in a row featured films that have vampires in the lead roles, during a sunny Friday afternoon at San Diego Comic Con.  Following the Screen Gems panel that featured Attack the Block and Underworld Awakening, next up was DreamWorks presentation of Fright Night, a remake of the […]