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The French Dispatch (Blu-ray Review)

While the tentpoles and franchises are our given multimedia events of every filmgoing year, Wes Anderson is certainly one for the indies or cinephile market. For myself, he’s a clear my schedule and get to his latest film immediately kind of director. And in 2021, it felt like I was loaded with directors fitting that bill. The French Dispatch was a film delayed from last year, though proved well worth the wait. It came out in the very fabled and totally loaded month of October and seemed to not do his typically gangbusters per theater numbers. Perhaps his is of the audience not quite comfortable returning to the big screens yet. Nonetheless, its now on home video to check out as the Blu-ray was released on December 28th. Unfortunately there is jack squat in terms of bonus features, though the movie IS strong enough to warrant purchase on its own. You can order yourself a copy by using the paid Amazon Associates link below.
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Adam’s Super Smooth Top Ten Films of 2021!

I must start this year’s top ten list off by radiating my excitement about this particular list.  I have been lucky enough to write for Whysoblu for approaching 3 years now.  I have written reviews, top ten lists, and published PR too.  I have loved all the work I’ve been able to do – even when the movies haven’t been great.  The fun of this list for me, and what makes me so excited is that I’ve finally seen enough movies to make a year-end list, and it’s been a blast being able to take in so many varied movies… The good, the bad, and the ugly…


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Brandon’s Sensational Top 10 List of His Favorite 2021 Films

Last week was the favorite physical media I had to weed down to a short list, this week its the actual films of 2021 to which I must choose a mere 10. As is true in any year, its hard as hell to crack this thing down to 20-30, let alone 10. But, that’s the sort of “fun stress” we film writers/reviewers tend to enjoy putting ourselves through. This year seemed super loaded with filmmakers I admire and adore and it pained me to cut some of them from this list. At the end of the day, there were films I just found I want to watch more and others that surprised me or took me for a wild and unique journey, while some just kind of did their thing (very) well. My final cut that didn’t make the list might end up being one I revisit or think about more than some of these on here. I’m pretty certain there’s a few here I like more than most and are probably on the other end of the spectrum and despised by people. But here, on this day, this 29th day of December at the end of the year, this is how I have felt in this moment, in this capsule. Continue reading ‘Brandon’s Sensational Top 10 List of His Favorite 2021 Films’

‘The Spine of the Night’ on 4K UHD Blu-ray February 1, 2022!

Spine Night 4K Blu-rayThis epic fantasy tale, about the history of a land that never was, begins when an ambitious young man steals forbidden knowledge from a sacred plant. He falls to its darker temptations and in so doing, unleashes ages of suffering onto mankind. As his power grows over the years, it falls to people of different ilk and culture to attempt to stop him. Among those who stand against him are a daring tomb-robber, star-crossed lovers, a maniacal necromancer, winged assassins, and an undying guardian. The Spine of the Night is released on 4K UHD Blu-ray February 1, 2022! Continue reading ‘‘The Spine of the Night’ on 4K UHD Blu-ray February 1, 2022!’

Prepare For A Time Warp, LAST NIGHT IN SOHO is Available on 4K UHD on 1/18

In Edgar Wright’s psychological thriller, LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, Eloise (Thomasin McKenzie, Jojo RabbitOld), an aspiring fashion designer, is mysteriously able to enter the 1960s, where she encounters a dazzling wannabe singer, Sandie (Anya Taylor-Joy, Emma, “The Queen’s Gambit”). But the glamour is not all it appears to be, and the dreams of the past start to crack and splinter into something far darker. From the acclaimed director of fan-favorites such as Baby DriverShaun of the Dead and The World’s End comes the “mesmerizing and ultra-stylish” (US Weekly) tribute to 1960s London, LAST NIGHT IN SOHO, available to own for the first time on Digital January 4, 2022, and 4K Ultra HD, Blu-rayTM, and DVD January 18, 2022, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

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Brian’s Sensual Top 10 List of His Favorite 2021 Films

Brian Top 10 2021 I feel like a broken record spewing the same sob story every year, but in calendar year 2021 I saw the least amount of movies ever in recent memories.  It was definitely a weird year.  COVID-19 still had impacts on box office releases, but that didn’t stop new movies from rolling in on other digital platforms.  Streaming juggernauts like HBO Max swung for the fences with same day Warner Bros. releases, Apple had plenty of representations and even Peacock got in on the action with the new Halloween movie.  So there were plenty of ways to ingest new film releases, but I opted to focus on experiencing life for a change of pace.  And what a rocket ride that was, but I digress.  I actually do have a Top Ten list of favorite 2021 flicks so I want to turn my focus there, but before I do… Continue reading ‘Brian’s Sensual Top 10 List of His Favorite 2021 Films’

‘Superhost’ on Blu-ray February 1, 2022!

Superhost Blu-rayIn SUPERHOST, Teddy and Claire are travel vloggers who run a channel called “SUPERHOST” where they travel and share their experiences in and around vacation homes, and until recently, had become successful doing it. With a dwindling subscriber count, they find the perfect opportunity to create content that people want to see when they meet Rebecca, the host of their most recent trip. Slowly they start to realize that something isn’t right with Rebecca, and as they investigate it further, they unlock a horrifying truth. She doesn’t just want a great review, she wants something far worse. Superhost is released on Blu-ray February 1, 2022!
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Gregg’s Best and Worst Films of 2021

2022?! But we just started 2021! Yes, time does seem to be flying by awfully quick these days, but I’ll take it considering the further we move ahead, the more we can eventually put Covid-19 in the rear view. Speaking of which, before we get to the films on the list, can we just look at how much better things are right now than they were twelve months ago? Yes, I’m aware numbers are spiking, but the things we can do in society today that we couldn’t a year ago is quite the positive upswing. In over a decade of writing for Why So Blu, last year was the first time my Top 10 list was shrunk to a mere five films. This was of course due to the tremendous lack of new releases combined with the closures of cinemas across the country. But, here we are.

We persevered and leapt over another covid hurdle. Theaters are bustling and streaming is more like a tsunami when it comes to new, big budget films. Productions like Netflix exclusives The Harder They Fall and Red Notice are just a few of the streaming-specific movies that completed a list of what to watch in 2021. While I did not get to see The Last Duel or Nightmare Alley, and this list was due before The King’s Man is to be released, I am feeling rather confident about the placement laid out here before you.

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‘Akira’ on 4K UHD Blu-ray January 18, 2022!

Akira 4K UHD Blu-ray Culver City, California (December 22, 2021) – Equipped with remastered visuals and remixed audio, the iconic 1988 film AKIRA reemerges on 4K UHD Blu-ray on January 18, 2022 from Funimation. The crown jewel of anime and science fiction will be accompanied by insightful behind the scenes special features, including an interview with director Katsuhiro Otomo, a look into the sound design and music by Geinoh Yamashirogumi, image galleries, original trailers and commercials, storyboards, and more!
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BRANDON’S Top 10 Blu-ray And Top 10 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray For 2021!

The year comes to a close in a matter of days, so that means its time break out the obligatory end of year/best of/top 10 of things from 2021. This year saw a nice surge in titles coming to 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray, ending the year with Criterion FINALLY getting on board and getting involved in a big way to launch. Up front, time has not been something I’ve had much of in the past few weeks, so I’ll be delivering both my Top 10 standard Blu-ray list and my Top 10 4K Ultra-HD Blu-ray lists via my 4K BLUsday method – on video! For those who like to read, As much as I appreciate your love of the typed word, my digits didn’t have it in them this year for that. I’ll provide you a cheat sheet below the video, but if you watch the video you’ll receive my reasoning for each choice. Thanks, as always, for indulging me!

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Super-Sized Top Ten: Aaron’s Exceptional 4K & Blu-ray Picks For 2021

“I think I’ve figured out how to shrink this thing down.” What a foolish thing I told myself, once again… This is the first full year I’ve had to enjoy not only new Blu-ray releases but 4K UHD discs as well. Having all the modern format options like my fellow Why So Blu writers (in addition to a region-free player) has allowed me the optimal viewing experience to go along with these excellent releases. As usual (see: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020), this list has a key rule – I have to have gone through the disc as far as assessing the audio and video quality, along with the special features available. There are releases that I’m sure are terrific, but I just haven’t had the time to watch everything (I mainly focused on the ones I knew would satisfy the most). With that said, I have plenty of bonus sections as well. So, here we go!

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‘The Matrix’ Gets A Firmware Update in ‘Resurrections’ (Movie Review)

Time to dive back into the machine world, as The Matrix Resurrections opens this weekend in theaters and on HBO Max (for 31 days). Two decades after computer programmer Thomas Anderson followed the white rabbit, solo director Lana Wachowski (Lilly is not involved) and several key members of the original cast have returned. They’re older, wiser, and still quite knowledgeable of kung fu.  Shot during COVID, this is the last major film of the year from Warner Bros. Keanu Reeves is sporting his John Wick look, but can he still do his Superman thing? How will newcomers like Neil Patrick Harris, Jessica Henwick, and Jonathan Groff fare in the virtual world of green ones and zeros? Surely, Carrie-Anne Moss can still outrace any agent on her Ducati, right? One thing’s for sure: Yahya Abdul-Mateen II certainly looks like the best Morpheus cosplayer ever.

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The Many Saints of Newark (Blu-ray Review)

There was always going to be a tricky line to walk with The Many Saints of Newark. Making a prequel film to The Sopranos, one of the most acclaimed TV series of all time, means trying to show an audience something that feels familiar yet new. Fortunately, creator David Chase is smart enough to put together a story that contains some of the standard mob movie beats expected by an audience while finding ways to bring out the internal drama in these characters. As a result, The Many Saints of Newark is not without many clear references to be picked up on by fans, but it still serves as a distinct cinematic take on some of TV’s most notorious gangsters.

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‘The Matrix Resurrections’ – Take The Blue Pill! (Movie Review)

Matrix Resurrections ReviewThe Matrix Resurrections is obviously a movie that never had to be made, but I digress.  I am happy it was.  Not many trailers ever give me goosebumps, but Matrix Resurrections did.  It’s odd too as I’m not even a huge Matrix fan.  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t respect how integral the features are as one of the greatest science fiction trilogies.  If you don’t believe me, then check out my 4K review of the trilogy HERE.  The proof is all there in the pudding so to speak!  Regardless of anything I just said to fill this paragraph space we have a fourth Matrix movie to behold and fall in love with.  They said it couldn’t be done, but alas it has.  And I’m here to walk you through (spoiler free of course) everything The Matrix Resurrections.  So let’s take that red pill and get this party started. Continue reading ‘‘The Matrix Resurrections’ – Take The Blue Pill! (Movie Review)’

No Time To Die (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)

No Time To Die marks the end of an era…at least for Daniel Craig as James Bond.  I’m bittersweet about it because while I know the titular character of 007 James Bond will live on again actor Daniel Craig was my most favorite Bond.  I have mad respect for the 007 lore and fandom, but I’ll admit to not being the biggest James Bond fan.  2006’s Casino Royale changed all of that for me.  And while the Daniel Craig films have been hit or miss I’m still very sad to call this an end of an era.  Anyone that has interest can see how I ranked and scored the rest of the Daniel Craig 007 Bond collection of films in my 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray review of the set HERE.  However, for now and the rest of the review, let’s be concise and focus our proverbial spotlight on the December 21st Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD Disc release of 007’s No Time To Die. Continue reading ‘No Time To Die (4K UHD Blu-ray Review)’

Adam’s Top Ten 4K UHD Blu-ray List!

We’re all ready for the end of another crazy year.  It’s mind-blowing to me as I get older just how quickly time passes.  Things fleet right past me and I just wonder how things went so fast.  Even now, I’m kind of blown away that I purchased and watched nearly 100 4K titles this year.  This is saying a lot and made for a very interesting choosing style for this year’s 4K top ten.  I made a list – funnily enough, I made a long list then broke it down into one comprehensive list. Yes, it took days… but I’m loving the variety and am so excited to share this with you all!

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The Best Comics of 2021

Here we are about to wrap a bow on 2021 and some things have certainly improved from twelve months ago while some of this all feels the same. One aspect which hasn’t changed is the unfaltering delivery of our shows, our films and our comic books to dodge and parry the current norm. We’ve all still managed to find our escapes through these various media, and not only that, but some have gone beyond just good entertainment or solid reads. Some, such as the comic books you’re about to become acquainted with, rose to that tier for one reason or another. We can agree, we can disagree, but we can all be entertained by them.

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‘Werewolves Within’ Director Josh Ruben On Delivering A Proper Video Game Horror-Comedy

Released back in June 2021, Werewolves Within is a clever whodunnit adapted from the Ubisoft video game. It rightfully received its share of praise and currently holds the record as the highest-rated video game movie. That’s for good reason, as director Josh Ruben assembled a terrific cast of actors and comedians who were game to dig into the humor and the horror found within. The film was recently released on Blu-ray, and Why So Blu had the chance to speak with Ruben about the ideas and inspirations for this film, casting the right people, having a positive bonding experience on the snowy filming locations, and how to balance the right tone. Continue reading ‘‘Werewolves Within’ Director Josh Ruben On Delivering A Proper Video Game Horror-Comedy’