The ‘Siege’ Has Begun

Marvel's The SiegeMarvel has woven quite the tale this time.  Siege is the latest all-encompassing mini-series that Marvel has unleashed upon the public.  It is spawned from the Dark Reign storyline which enveloped just about every title under the Marvel sun.  This was in turn birthed from the Secret Invasion series and we can even go further back to Avengers Disassembled when one of the most popular hero teams in all of Marvel was brought down in a hurry.  There is a lot of tension on these pages that has mounted over the past couple of years and it’s all about to come to a head.   Confused yet?  Here’s the run-down…

Secret Invasion

A shape-shifting alien race known as the Skrull invaded earth, kidnapped several key players and transformed into their likenesses, thus fooling everyone.  Tony Stark’s Iron Man armor took a hit from a computer virus while he was wearing it, which was quite the ‘shocking’ experience for the billionaire playboy.  He’ll be recovering for some time.  Deadpool was on his way to comic book super stardom when he was setting up to make a big hit on the Skrull Queen and stop the oncoming galactic threat.  Unfortunately, Norman Osborn (formerly the Green Goblin), intercepted a transmission that would have enabled Deadpool to be hero of the day.  Osborn set up shop, took his shot, and the Skrull Queen was deader than Jimmy Hoffa with cement shoes.  The world praised his efforts to no end, but the real superheroes were well aware that the former criminal had to have a hidden agenda.

Dark Reign

Take the Marvel Universe and turn it on its head.  Everything that you know is no longer.  Remember expert archer Hawkeye of the Avengers?  Yeah, he’s not the same guy you once knew.  That’s super villain Bullseye now behind the blue suit and purple mask.  Venom?  Eddie Brock is long since removed from the black alien symbiote.  Mac Gargan is now donning the midnight goo.  You’ll remember him as Spider-Man’s old tail-toting nemesis, The Scorpion.  These fellas and a few more comprise the new (Dark) Avengers team, led by Norman Osborn in his red, white and blue Stark armor, going under the name Iron Patriot.  Osborn is out to remove mutants, vigilantes and anyone who disagrees with him.  He follows his own rules and certainly is out for himself in the end, though his surface appeal is one of a do-gooder for the people. 


With Thor’s homeworld of Asgard now hovering above a small Oklahoma town, the God of Mischief, Loki, has teamed up with Norman Osborn.  Using the muscle of the Dark Avengers, Loki encourages Osborne and friends to wage an all out war on the Nordic stronghold and its inhabitants.  Let the games begin.

You will remember some years ago that Captain America was shot on the steps of a courthouse at the conclusion of the Civil War story, ending the life of this righteous, shield-wielding hero.  Welcome back, Cap.  Steve Rogers has returned and this lad’s got an axe to grind (after all, who really dies in comics but the nameless common folk?).  We’re already on the second issue of a four-part series that will feature old friends rejoining alliances to wreak some havoc on Osborn’s devilish ways.  Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor are about to take the battlefield as a team once again.  Each is a force to be reckoned with on their own, but combine their strengths along with a hunger for retribution, and you have one determined trio of really pissed off good guys.  The artwork is great, the writing is nail-biting, and the action is feverish.  Some really long-standing walls are about to fall and heads will fly in the Siege.  Rock n roll, Marvel.  You hit the ball out of the park on this one.  


What are you waiting for?  Bring home the first two issues of Siege today!





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  1. Brian White

    Wow! It sounds like there is a heck of a lot going on in this comic series!