1…2, Freddy’s Coming To Blu…3…4…

A Nightmare on Elm StreetYou kind of knew this would be the case didn’t you?  Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and New Line Home Entertainment have announced the original classic A Nightmare on Elm Street will hit the Blu-ray format just in time to almost conincide with the remake which hits theaters on April 30th.  The classic horror film will hit retail shelves on April 6th giving new fans of the franchise ample time to catch up on the origins of Freddy Krueger before the new movie either botches it up or totally redeems the character.  I guess we will find out soon enough.

I thought it was only appropriate to bring up news of this Blu-ray release since there are several members of the WSB staff who are big horror fans around here and even one who claims that Freddy is his favorite horror icon.  I wonder if you could guess who that is?  I bet you can’t guess it by reading here.

Anyway, A Night mare on Elm Street will debut on the Blu-ray format with a 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio surround track.  Bonus features known thus far include the following:

  • READY FREDDY FOCUS POINTS – See Alternate Takes and Learn Filmmaking Secrets Behind the Nightmare by Jumping to Video Highlights While Watching the Movie
  • Commentary by Director Wes Craven, Co-Stars Heather Langenkamp and John Saxon and Cinematographer Jacques
  • Commentary by Wes Craven, Co-Stars Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp and Ronee Blakley, Producer Robert Shaye and Co-Producer Sara Risher, Robert Shaye
  • Alternate Endings
  • The House That Freddy Built: The Legacy of New Line Horror
  • Never Sleep Again: The Making of A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Night Terrors: The Origins of Wes Craven’s Nightmares

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