Brian Chats w/ Spartacus’ Katrina Law

I remember it like it was only yesterday.  While watching the Starz Originals heart-pounding series Spartacus: Blood and Sand about five episodes in or so, viewers were forced to deal with the devastating loss of Spartacus’ wife, the lovely Sura (Erin Cummings), pulling at our heartstrings.  “Oh no,” we all thought to ourselves.  This can’t be happening!  Our heavenly eye candy was gone from the show just like that, albeit still visible courtesy of flashbacks here and there, but what was left now to motivate the broken warrior? Just when it seemed like the Gods were against us and all hope was lost, they seemed it fit to deliver us a new goddess to worship a handful of episodes later, named Mira, played by the beautiful Katrina Law.  But even more intriguing was the tempting and seductive way the show’s producers chose to introduce us to her character.  And when Spartacus initially refused the offering of Mira in his prison cell, I just wanted to scream at my television screen and say, “Are you ‘effing crazy?”

So anyway, like I always do when I find someone or something that interests me in life, I do my research and try to find out all I can.  After garnering much attention from the fine people at Starz and fans of the show last week in regards to my early Blu-ray review of Spartacus: Blood and Sand – The Complete First Season (see here), I thought it was only fitting to secure a time to sit down and chat with the Spartacus actress who stole the hearts of many viewers, Miss Katrina Law.

Brian: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat with us Katrina.  How are you doing today?

Katrina: Pretty good Brian!  Thanks for taking the time to seek me out and interview me.

Brian: Not a problem!  From what I have read about you, I see you have a pretty interesting genetic makeup of German, Italian and Taiwanese.  I’m from a German and Italian descent, but I had a pretty normal American lifestyle growing up with no cultural celebration or awareness.  It wasn’t until I married my wife, who is Filipino, that I understood just how different cultures were, first hand so to speak.  So growing up as a child, was the combination of cultures any different for you than that of a typical American child?

Katrina: It wasn’t until I was older that I finally started to realize just how different my childhood was from many of my friends.  For me it was normal to celebrate New Years on two different days.  It was totally acceptable and fine that there were two Gods who at the end of the day were basically saying the same thing.  I also didn’t realize how “progressive” it was for my dad to marry inter racially when he did and I wasn’t aware of how unique it was for an American child to speak two languages.

But times have changed and I think that my “unique” childhood is now becoming the norm as the world gets smaller and smaller, people travel more and color lines get blurred.

Brian: That they do.  I also see that you graduated college with a theater degree.  Did you always know that you wanted to be an actress or was there something that happened in life that opened your eyes to the inner talent you possess?

Katrina: I don’t think when I was younger that I was even aware that there was a job called acting.  I’m pretty sure, if memory serves me correctly, that I thought those people on TV were real and that just happened to live in my TV.  Let me just take a moment to note right here that I was very young when these thoughts were happening.  When I was ten I said that I was going to be a cardiologist.  That was before I realized blood freaked me out.  Then I fell in love with sharks and wanted to film them.  I got over that thought quickly and decided I should be a cop because I lived in New Jersey and all my friends were either cops or criminals. You saw The Sopranos and Copland.  I even went as far as to join the Police Explores.  Don’t ask what happened, but in the end I decided that wasn’t for me either.  I ain’t a snitch. Long story short, no, I did not always know I wanted to be an actress.  For me it was landing the role of “Cassie” in The Chorus Line in a Summer Stock Theatre production that set the wheels in motion for me.  I fell in love with the entire process and that was that.

Brian: I know you spent time in NYC sharpening your acting skills and eventually landing a guest role on The Third Watch, but correct me if I am wrong, it was actually your involvement in the webisode series of Resistance that got you noticed by the people at Starz, and ultimately landed you the reoccurring role as Mira on Spartacus: Blood and Sand, was it not?

Katrina: It was! The Resistance has been an ongoing project for the past two years.  After the initial funding from Northern Five Productions, Ghost House saw it, picked it up and passed it onto Starz.  It all went from there.

Brian: What is it like being on the set of Spartacus: Blood and Sand, working with the cast and crew and knowing you are part of the most monumental television series of the year?  It has to feel pretty special and surreal, does it not?

Katrina: When signing on for Spartacus, I had a gut feeling that the show was going to be huge.  It had all the right ingredients and there was nothing else on TV like it.  The fear with any show is that there are so many levels for it to go through before it finally airs and if any one of them isn’t right, the entire show could fall apart.  Fortunately for us, that didn’t happen with Spartacus.  It wasn’t until shortly after it aired that we realized the juggernaut Spartacus was destined to become.

It does feel pretty special, and lucky.  As an actor, you pray for a show like this: something that changes the face of television.  It’s still strange to be recognized on the street for playing the part of Mira.  I’m always a little taken aback and flattered, but then I realize that the recognition also means they have seen me naked…still trying to work on how to react to that.

Brian: Yeah, I don’t have any advice on that one for you (insert smiley face).  Was there ever any hesitation on your part to question whether or not to accept the role as Mira on Spartacus, or did you not even give any thought to it and just say yes?

Katrina: The full frontal nudity gave me a lot of pause.  It’s not that I have an issue with the human body.  I do have an issue when it’s just the woman that is being exposed on television while the man is standing there fully dressed in his three piece suit.  When I brought the issue up with the producers they immediately sent me over the trailer for Spartacus to help me better understand the look and style that they were going for with the show.  As soon as the trailer started to play I knew I wanted to be on the show.  It was visually stunning.  The producers also told me that there would be equally the same amount of full frontal nudity from the men.  Knowing that it wasn’t going to be exploitative with regards to the nudity finally convinced me.

After that, I had a discussion with my fiancé and my parents to make sure we were all okay and on board and that’s all she wrote.

Brian: Well this question was not on my list to ask you until the story broke this past weekend about Andy Whitfield’s cancer coming back.  I am very saddened by this news as I am sure all fans of the show are, but how do you think this is going to affect the production of the second season?  I know they shot around his most recent recovery and that’s one of the main reasons for the six-part prequel series this January, but today’s announcement has me seriously worried about the status of the show.  Of course, my main concern is the health of Andy and I wish him nothing but the best in life and a full and speedy recovery.  I know he has been through a lot.  My heart goes out to him.  He was an inspirational to us all at Comic-Con this past July (see story here).  What are your thoughts on the matter, if you are allowed to share?

Katrina: Right now everyone’s main concern is Andy, his health, and his family.  It is a terrible situation and no one should have to go through it, let alone twice.  But Andy has a very strong spirit and a beautifully built-in support system in his wife and two children.  I have full faith that he will overcome this obstacle for good and will once again grace us with his presence on screen.  But in the mean time, keep sending good thoughts and prayers his way because every little bit helps.

Brian:  I will.  Well, I’m assuming since your Mira character was not introduced to us until mid season, that you will not be involved in the 6-part prequel series, although I hope I’m wrong about that.  Can you share anything about the plight or story arc that you know about your character for the upcoming second season next year?  Your character served a pretty pivotal role in the escape of the gladiators and slaves.  To me the second season feels like it’s going to be a high-octane race, much like the second season of Fox’s Prison Break was.  I see many similarities between the two shows, but I am of course rooting for Spartacus to last much longer and avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that Prison Break encountered.

Katrina: I think the writers of Spartacus are brilliant and fearless.  I’m sure they have enough gas in them to last them for the next couple of seasons and then some.  My character Mira hadn’t yet been purchased by Batiatus during the time of the prequels, but from what I am hearing, the prequels look amazing and I have no doubts that the momentum will carry into Season 2.  As for Mira?  Guess you’ll just have to watch and see!

Brian: So speaking of Spartacus, I can’t help but notice the incredible shape you are in.  From reading about your childhood, I know you were pretty much involved in just about every kind of physical activity from weightlifting to karate and even have the title of Miss New Jersey Teen USA under your belt.  That’s pretty impressive! What do you do to stay in the stupendous shape you are in?  What advice would you recommend to our females readers who want to look as vivacious and healthy as you do?

Katrina: Ha ha!  You flatter!  This question is good motivation because I am currently in the process of dieting for Season 2 and hating it!  And let’s be clear, I don’t mind the working out, going to the gym, sweating part of it…I hate the dieting part of it.  I would honestly say for all of those women who don’t have to get naked on an international television show to be judged by all, to just be happy the way they are!  But for those who are thinking about making some changes, it’s all about the diet.  Yes, working out is a big part of it too and speeds the process up but if you go and spend hours upon hours at the gym, or dancing, or at yoga and then go home and a pizza right before you go to bed you are not going to see the results.  Trust me, I’ve tried.

Brian: Alright, so tell me more about this web series that you were involved with called Resistance.  It’s going to premiere on Syfy October 4th, is it not?

Katrina: The Resistance!  My baby!  It originally started off as a web series that was directed by Adrian Picardi and funded by Northern Five Productions.  Eventually it was brought to STARZ and we were given the funding to reshoot.  It’s been a labor of love throughout the entire process where everyone from director to actor to grips were pitching in and helping out in any way that they could.  But the good news is that The Resistance will premier on SyFy this October 4th so make sure to set your DVRs and watch it.  It’s great!

Brian: Well I am definitely going to have to set my DVR for that.  Let me ask you this; if Resistance is picked up as a regular occurring television series, will you be involved in that?  If so, will that conflict with the filming of Spartacus or will you still be able to do that too?  I would hate to lose Mira in my life so soon.  I know.  I’m sorry.  I’m just being selfish.

Katrina: Ha ha!  I wouldn’t worry about losing Mira just yet, but thanks for the concern!  I really don’t know what the cards hold for The Resistance, or even Spartacus at this point.  In a perfect world I would love for Spartacus to continue in some way and for The Resistance to continue in some capacity or another, whether it be as a television series or as a full length feature movie.  I think they are both projects that have the potential to go far.  And if it came down to having to choose between Spartacus and The Resistance, well, isn’t that a great dilemma to be faced with!

Brian: Are there any other upcoming television shows or feature films that I can soon look forward seeing Miss Katrina Law in?

Katrina: Well, to be redundant, Spartacus Season 2 and The Resistance 😉

Brian: One thing I did not know about you is the fact that you are also the lead singer and bass player in a band called Soundboard Fiction and you recently launched an album this past summer.  Tell me more about that.  I’m a former musician myself (see here) so I became very curious when I just learned this about you.  I’m going to have to check your music out.  Any scheduled shows yet?

Katrina: Bass and lead vocals.  Yep, I’m the female Geddy Lee!  Seriously, though, I am so proud to be a part of Soundboard Fiction.  For the band members and I it is 100% fun.  We write songs out the love for the process and for the thrill of knowing that we just made a song.  To be able to say that I have a CD out and that it can be purchased on iTunes just blows my mind and quite frankly, makes me giddy.  I have so much respect for Patrick and Jack and for their talents. As for performing live, we are more of a studio band.  We all have day jobs so to speak and it doesn’t really fit into our schedule right now to play out anywhere.  Though we have been kicking around the idea of having a one-time show, but we shall see.

Brian: Well let me know when that happens and I will definitely be there.  So when Miss Katrina Law is not working and playing music, what does she like to do for fun?  After all, we all have our vices, right?

Katrina: You can usually find me staring longingly at the red velvet cakes in the pastry section of the supermarket.  When I am not mesmerized by the cream cheese frosting deliciousness, I like to SCUBA dive, snowboard, mountain climb, read, and play with the feral alley cats in our backyard.

Brian: Well thank you so much for this opportunity to sit down and talk with you Katrina.  I’m looking forward to seeing you again on my television screen this October 4th and in next year’s second season of Spartacus: Blood and Sand.  Until we hear from you again, is there anything else you want to let your fans know about you like your involvement in Read Across America or something else?

Katrina: I just recently got involved with Read Across America.  It is such a great idea and kids love to be read to.  I did practice my book before I got to the class though because heaven forbid I misread or didn’t know how to pronounce a word a fourth grader should know.  It was a lot of fun and I would highly recommend to anyone thinking of getting involved to do so.  I’ll just add there link here: http://www.nea.org/readacross/.

Brian: Okay, great!  And I always do this at the conclusion of my interviews so I’m sorry to put you on the spot like this, but are there any words of wisdom you would give to an aspiring young actress getting into the business that want to be just like you?  Any hints of motivation or inspiration you can drop to them?

Katrina: Unless you are one of the chosen few who get discovered when they are 5 or book a show on their very first audition, pursuing an acting career can be a difficult, emotionally taxing, and frustrating process.  But it can also be the most rewarding thing you have ever done…mixed in with the difficulties, the emotional taxation, and frustration.  So the best advice I can give is to make sure that an acting career is really what you want, that you want it for the right reasons, to enjoy the process, to never give up and never stop learning.

Brian: Well thanks again.  I truly do appreciate your time.  It was great speaking with you.  I wish you the best of luck in all your future endeavors and hope to stay in touch.  Have a great day!

Katrina: Thank you so much for taking the time Brian!  I hope you enjoy The Resistance and Spartacus Season 2 and I look forward to reading more of your reviews!

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