A Starry Evening with Tara Cardinal

Tara CardinalWhile attending the 2009 Spike TV Scream Awards, I had the privilege of meeting one very unique person.  Her resumé is quite diverse and is only outmatched by her intense drive to succeed and reach the top.  Tara Cardinal is a self-proclaimed stunt diva as well as a scream queen, entertainment analyst, actress and creator/producer of Legend of the Red Reaper.  With the kind of schedule any one of those occupations has, it’s a wonder how Tara balances the aspects of each, but so far, she’s done so successfully.  I had a moment to speak with this determined, rising star on the red carpet.

 Tara Cardinal & WSB's Gregg Senko

Gregg:  Tara, what do you prefer…you do stunt work, you do acting, you do media coverage, what is your preference of those?

Tara:  Well actually I marry all three by being an action actor with my own talk show.


Gregg:  How has that worked out so far? 

Tara:  So far so good!  I’m getting a lot of responses from all ends of it.  I feature some of my stunt work on my talk show.  I also do pro-style wrestling, sword fighting and I’ve been in several horror films.  In fact, Terminal Descent should be coming out this month. 


Gregg:  Will that be on Blu-ray by chance?

Tara:  I sure hope so!


Gregg:  What do you have in the works after that?

Tara:  My next film is called Legend of the Red Reaper.  It’s about a female sword fighter, a young female sword fighter who sacrifices true love to save the world. 

 Tara Cardinal & WSB's Gregg Senko

Gregg:  When is that due out?  Is that in pre-production right now?

Tara:  It is in pre-production.  We have shot a couple of scenes, enough to make a trailer.  You can see the trailer on my website http://www.taracardinalactress.com/


Gregg:  And is that where we can find information on your talk show as well?

Tara:  Not yet, we don’t have anything posted about the talk show on my website.  It’s very much in the early stages, but we have had a couple of offers for it to be picked up, so we’re going to shoot the first season and see what happens. 


Gregg:  Basically if everybody just stayed in tune with your website, we’ll find out in the future from there? 

Tara:  Website, My Space, Facebook (Tara Heroine Cardinal).  I love getting feedback from the people because I do it for the people, I do it for the fans!


Gregg:  Thank you very much!

Tara:  Thank you!

 Tara Cardinal

Whenever I hear the phrase ‘budget film,’ I get a little skeptical.  So when I popped a DVD copy of Delivery in my PS3, starring Matthew Nelson and the subject of the above interview, the lovely Tara Cardinal, I wasn’t quite sure how the next hour and a half would go.  I’m going to be honest, folks.  There is a lot of contribution from the supporting cast behind Nelson and Cardinal in this film, but they are not going to win any Oscars for their acting.  Nevertheless, Delivery delivers a solid story following the daily trials and tribulations of Nelson’s foreboding character. 

Nelson plays Monty Goth, a pizza delivery guy who manages to get crapped on by society at every turn and is often the brunt of everyone’s ‘fat’ jokes.  Tara Cardinal plays Bibbi Lamonte; a sympathetic young woman who sees Monty for the person he is…or for the person he at least appears to be. 

Monty lived a deeply troubled childhood.  He witnessed the death of his father shortly after his mother was unexpectedly murdered.  Such visions continue to haunt Monty to the modern day, but even therapy seems to be a pointless attempt at mental redemption.  Bibbi’s puts forth her best effort to help Monty on a more personal level.  However, will even the soft-worded empathy of Bibbi be able to save Monty from his continuing fall into darkness?  Will Monty snap and lose it?  You’ll have to see for yourselves!  Check out Tara Cardinal in action in Delivery by visiting the Amazon link below.  Autographed copies of the DVD can also be purchased from Tara’s website at http://www.taracardinalactress.com/.  





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  1. Brian White

    As always…GREAT write-up Gregg!

    Tara…it was a pleasure to meet you on the red carpet at the Scream Awards. I hope we get the opportunity to work together again!