After Dark Horrorfest Blu-ray Double Features: Volumes 1-4

I have already seen a few of these titles and oh, what the heck, I wouldn’t mind seeing all of these on the Blu-ray format.  I know mw fellow reviewer Sean Ferguson is really looking forward to this collection.  Sorry, I am being facetious.  I couldn’t help it.  January 4th marks the date of 1,000 screams with “The Best of Horrorfest” – After Dark fan favorites in High Definition for the first time as Lionsgate releases four volumes of After Dark Horrorfest Blu-ray Double Features.  Each double feature volume includes two terrifying horror films along with bonus materials. The pairings include The Gravedancers and Wicked Little Things: Unrated Director’s Cut; Borderland: Unrated Director’s Cut and Crazy Eights; The Broken along with The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations; and The Graves and Zombies of Mass Destruction.

After Dark Horrorfest Blu-ray Double Feature: Volume 1


Starring Dominic Purcell, The Gravedancers is an old-school terror about a group of friends who realize that dancing on graves is not all fun and games.  While at a wake for an old chum, a group of friends decide to get drunk and dance on the graves, which leads to their lives being invaded by a trio of hostile ghosts. The Gravedancers was a favorite of the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival.  The Blu-ray contains an audio commentary, a couple    of featurettes – including a “making of,” deleted scenes, storyboards and the trailer.


Recently widowed Karen Tunny and her two daughters, Sarah and Emma, move to a remote mountain home, which Karen has inherited from the family of her late husband.  However, she is unaware that the home is situated near an old mine, the site of an early 20th century tragedy where many children were buried.  The Blu-ray Disc features an audio commentary.

After Dark Horrorfest Blu-ray Double Feature: Volume 2


Borderland is a criminal tale of murder and ritual.  The story, based on true events, blends the raw fear of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre with the stark reality of In Cold Blood and evokes a world soaked in paranoia, fear, and dread.  Declared “a brutally suspenseful crime drama” byVariety and “a dark, disturbing gem” by Cinefantastique Magazine, the film features special effects by award-winning KNB Effects. When three Texas University students travel to a Mexican border town on the eve of their graduation, the last thing they expect to face is an ancient blood cult hell-bent on finding candidates for human sacrifice.  The Blu-ray features two featurettes and an audio commentary.


Six people are brought together at the funeral of a childhood friend.  While settling the estate, they discover a map, which leads them on a search for a long forgotten time capsule.  At the request of their dead friend, they follow the map and what they discover reawakens repressed childhood traumas and leads them on a journey through their long abandoned childhood home…a home with a terrible secret and a mysterious dead girl who will lead them to their strange fates.

After Dark Horrorfest Blu-ray Double Feature: Volume 3


The life of a successful radiologist spirals out of control when she sees the spitting image of herself driving down a London street.  Attempting to discover the identity of her double, she stumbles into a terrifying mystery that involves her family and closest friends, leaving her with no one to trust.


The latest entry in The Butterfly Effect franchise tells the story of Sam who possesses an extraordinary talent: the ability to travel through time.  He can use his gift to help police solve cases, but he must never intervene with the past as it could alter the present in horrific ways.  When a woman from Sam’s past begs him to help her find her sister’s killer, Sam breaks his own rule…and all Hell breaks loose

After Dark Horrorfest Blu-ray Double Feature: Volume 4


From the creator of the legendary comics Evil Ernie and Lady Death, comes The Graves.  On their last weekend together, Megan and Abby Graves are lost in a remote part of the Arizona desert where they are lured to Skull City Mine, an abandoned mine town. But they soon learn Skull City is anything but abandoned – and there’s no way out.  The sisters are now prey, forced to unleash their most primitive instincts in a desperate, all-out battle for survival against unspeakable horrors – both human and supernatural.  The Blu-ray Disc features two audio commentaries, numerous featurettes, “spot the gnome” game, auditions, a music video and more!


A conservative island community is under attack! Port Gamble, Washington is being overrun with brain eaters, and the people seem powerless to stave them off. A rag tag band of rebels led by Frida, an Iranian college student suspected of being an Iraqi terrorist, and Tom, a gay businessman who has returned to town with his partner to come out to his mother, tries to turn the tide and push the invading hoards of undead back.  Called “the best of its type since Shaun of the Dead,” filmthreat.com states, “Zombies of Mass Destruction is a limb-shucking, eye-gouging hoot, full of both disemboweled stomachs and belly laughs.” The Blu-ray Disc includes a “making of” featurette.


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