Austin Comic Con 2013: One-On-One With Giancarlo Esposito

imageAh…Giancarlo Esposito…what can I even say about this man? This guy had me the minute he said hello in Los Pollos Hermanos in TV’s Breaking Bad. God! How I miss the man. You always have your fair share of villains you love in movies, but for me it’s a rarity in the world of television. As soon as his character Gus was introduced to us onscreen, I wanted to know all I possibly could about the man and most importantly his chicken brand. Lol. The guy was a complete mystery and an enigma to me and for many reasons he was my favorite villain ever to grace prime time television and I miss him dearly. I later caught up with the man on some ghost program this year where he professed to living in a haunted house before. So I don’t care what it is. If he’s in it, I will watch it. And that’s exactly why I’m here today on a brutally cold Sunday morning at Austin Comic Con to see my favorite television villain chat with his fans in Ballroom F. The following is my recount of the candid conversation.

He talked about the show Revolution and what he would do if actual events like that happened. He claims to be a camper. He say it’s important to realize how far we are from surviving the elements if needed.

He says he’s a theater actor to begin with and it carries over to every aspect of being an actor with a full plate.

His favorite character he has played is the character he plays now in Revolution, Tom Neville. He said he had to let character of Gus go because it’s in past and he needs to concentrate on his current character. He wants this character to take over his complete being. Although I’m sad to ever say goodbye to Gus, I can completely understand where he’s coming from.

He says commitment, love and sacrifice are the keys to success, but doesn’t mean it will be without stress and it will be easy. He doesn’t believe in multitasking, but giving one on one to someone else is giving your divinity. And he also threw his cellphone down when he talked about this. Lol. His focus was on the audience only. Love it! I truly wish all people could have that dedication and not fidget with their phones, myself included.

He talked about how he prepares for his roles and the thought process he uses to step into his characters.

He said he would love to come back for a Breaking Bad prequel, but doesn’t know if that would happen at all. He doesn’t know what route Better Call Saul will take yet.

He talked about the tax credits and why production of Revolution films in Austin, TX. I know all about this subject due to my filmmaking endeavors up in Cleveland, OH. He also said there are more experienced crews in Austin and would like to keep it going here.

He says happiness is a choice. If you don’t like your job now change it. He talked about the energy of young Spike Lee and why he enjoyed it do much. He says Spike’s energy is good because he’s excited about life and filmmaking.


He talked about the meeting he had with Vince Gilligan when he learned about Gus’ demise. Vince kept him in the loop about the whole writing process on how he was going to be killed off.

He says failure is growth while he was talking about his love of independent film. He says you will find your level of balance of what is truthful and honest.

He talked about his upcoming project Patriotic Treason. It’s a slavery piece. He is writing it with Jose Rivera based on a book that came from University of Texas. He hopes to shoot it this summer as a director and score ten million dollars to do it.

He said he always wanted to play a genie his whole life. He says a genie is also a warrior. And loves the genie he played in Once Upon A Time.

He says Comic Con is born out a mythology as a valuable tool to teach us something. And then he exited this stage via standing applause. What a world class act the guy is…I have to admit.

Hours later I got the chance to meet the man and chat with him for a few seconds. I thanked him for such a deep and insightful conversation he hosted. There are times in life when you are blessed to be around people that are not only genuine, but truly embody the philosophy of happiness and appreciation of all good things in life and this was one of them in the company of Giancarlo Esposito. I knew I was in the presence of greatness. The man’s a world class act and I’m happy to have met his acquaintance. And if you are reading this Giancarlo, this aspiring filmmaker new to Austin would love to be part of Revolution one fine day, whether as an extra or whatnot. I look forwarding to seeing you on the set one day. Until then…take care man and best wishes for all your future endeavors and also much luck to your plans to shoot your second film, Patriotic Treason, next summer (I know firsthand how much fun it is raising those millions for feature film projects).

It’s always an honor to meet your heroes in life. And to remind you too how you need to whiten those teeth. Lol. I’ll get right on that!


The look of appreciation on his face says it all!



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