Austin Comic Con 2013: Q&A With Stan Lee

imageI feel fortunate that I was able to check out the happy go lucky Q&A chat with Stan Lee Saturday morning in the large Hall D. As usual he was very nice, cordial, candid and engaging with the captive audience. You can’t say he didn’t feel comfortable with his time spent on the panel as he was cracking jokes left and right. I must admit, it was a good time had by all as I enjoyed myself tremendously as did the rest of the extremely excited audience. So as I took it all in and relished in the man’s rich history, which I envy, I was able to jot down a few notes and highlights on some of the questions asked and statements made by the “legend.” They are as follows. Enjoy!

How did you meet your wife? The girl he has been drawing all his life was standing there in front of him one day when he was going to meet a model. She was the dream he has always drawn and ended up getting married to her a few days later 66 years ago.

What inspired Stan to create Captain America? He hates that question because Joe Simon and Jack Kirby created him. He originally killed off the character in a cake of ice because no one liked him.

What is the process to create new characters? He tries to make characters as believable in possible in real life. He said he doesn’t know where Clark Kent lives or what his problems are. He gave characters real problems to identify with them and develop.

What’s it like to see characters you created on the big screen? He said its nice. Lol. He’s happy to take all the credit because he said they are done so well.

How did he come up with Dr. Doom? He was looking for a great villain for the Fantastic Four. A man who rules his own country sounded like a great foe. Dr. Doom wants to rule the world. However, that is not a crime. So why is Dr. Doom considered a villain? The audience roared.

Stan admitted they are making a Black Panther movie. The audience roared encouragingly. He regrets not doing more Black Panther stories.

He feels we should have superheroes representing every race. The audience exploded. He’s working on separate side projects away from Disney in regards to new cultural superheroes.

Stan says he absolutely nothing to do with his cameos. He is told when to show up and when he gets there he is told what to do. He says he sometimes steals something from the set. Lol. He stole the truck driving cap he wore in the last Thor.

He once pondered quitting comics early on because he was told less dialog and more action. Ironically, that was how the Fantastic Four came to be. His wife challenged him to make one last attempt by writing something he always wanted to. And there’s he birth of the Fantastic Four and the man’s career. A legend was born. What a great story!

Who in your life pushed you to be creative? He said nobody ever forced him to be creative. His parents were not creative. His mom expected him to be President of the United States. His mother encouraged him to read a lot.

Stan liked the idea of a Marvel Civil Wars animated cartoon. The crowd erupted in applause to that.

The crowd’s last question was what’s your favorite Iron Man armor? He says all the ones in the movies because they are complicated and authentic.

Stan screamed Excelsior before leaving the panel. The crowd stood up in applause. I knew I loved that guy. I love that word!


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