Avatar Crowned “The Best Selling Blu-ray Ever”

Avatar Blu-rayThis is kind of old news by now, but it’s worth mentioning in my opinion.  My hat goes off to James Cameron and his newest achievement in life.  20th Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced that the Blu-ray edition of Avatar has sold 2.7 million units by this past Sunday.  This record number of Blu-ray sales surpasses the lifetime sales of the previous top-selling Blu-ray, The Dark Knight, which took over a year to sell 2.5 million units.  Also, here’s another interesting trivial tidbit.  According to Fox, Avatar has sold more copies in a single day in grocery and drug stores than The Dark Knight did in those outlets over its entire lifetime.

Although I am a HUGE fan of The Dark Knight and all its Blu-ray glory, I am happy to see such an amazing movie dethrone it.  It may not be better in my opinion, but there’s no denying the beauty of this Blu-ray release.  This is by far, the BEST Blu-ray presentation I have ever seen.  The incredible level of detail in every frame was simply stunning.  Two and a half hours went by like nothing.  Not for a split second did I ever want to leave the Blu-ray world of Pandora.  That ladies and gentleman…is moviemaking!  I’m ready for Round 2 James.  Bring it on! 

Bring home the magic of Avatar today on Blu-ray!





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  1. Gregg

    Happy to see the format is finally catching on with the masses!