Batwing Makes DC Debut

One of the many titles of DC’s New 52 on the release agenda is the brand new character Batwing, which, as you can guess, comes from the Batman universe. The artwork caught my eye a few weeks back, but not having much to go on as far as background is concerned resulted in me not putting this high on my want-list. Oh how that has changed.

Issue #1 of the latest DC crime fighter arrived in stores today along with other first issues including those of Swamp Thing, Green Arrow, Justice League International, and the highly anticipated Action Comics, just to name a few.  As I milled about the new-release aisle in the store, I felt like it was far too premature to leave with only two comics in hand.  The Detective Comics reboot started today but issue 1 was sold out by the time I got there.  The same goes for Stormwatch and Men of War.  Then there was Batwing.  Hey, his suit looked cool and if he is good enough to get a nod of approval from Bruce Wayne, well then heck, he’s good enough for me to pick up his title.

Batwing is set in Africa amidst the very corrupt backdrop of Tinasha.  Police Officer David Zavimbe is lawman by day and vigilante by night.  Bribes and violence work the system, leaving Zavimbe and crew near powerless against the crime syndicates of the landscape.  Inspired from the Batman Inc. storyline, Batwing is one of those international figures that Bruce Wayne deemed worthy enough to wear the bat crest and be armed with all kinds of technological goodies, courtesy of Wayne Corp.

Judd Winick mans the controls at the writing helm while artist Ben Oliver is the cat behind the drawings.  Winick creates a very fast-paced, teeth-grinding ride in the inaugural issue, setting the tone for what’s to come.  You’ll find no shortage of violence and tragedy in this story, as well as a potent bout of substance to boot as hero Batwing takes on arch-enemy-to-be, Massacre.  Oliver’s artwork is nothing short of jaw-dropping, as quite often, his duties come across more as life-like brush strokes than accomplishments with a pen and pencil.  Consider these guys DC’s latest dynamic duo as the culmination of their duties unleashes one hell of a stage-setting issue.

What was merely a “Hey that looks kinda cool” comic book in theory yesterday, is an adrenalizing delivery today.  Without a doubt I am onboard for next month’s issue 2.  Get ready for some shock and awe in the premier issue of Batwing, in stores now!



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