A Quick Look At The Best Casino Movies Now on Blu-ray

The Best Casino Movies Now on Blu-rayBefore Ocean’s trilogy, 21 and the disappointing remake of The Gambler, the casino genre consisted of great films like The Cincinnati Kid and The Sting.  Movies released in the past decade haven’t all been bad, but IMDB’s list of top casino films demonstrate that there are very few that are just as stellar as the ones that premiered pre-2000s.  Let’s look a bit closer into this matter, shall we?  Read on!

What is it that makes a casino movie great?  Could it be the added intensity in the plot due to the high stakes in poker?  Or is it the mere sight of characters interacting at a roulette table, which Intercasino describes to be one of the most popular and iconic casino games, that automatically gets our adrenaline pumping for an action-packed movie?  Whatever it is, fans can now enjoy the best of the genre in High Definition as they’re now available on Blu-ray.  And in case you haven’t heard of these films, we’ve provided plot synopses for three critically acclaimed casino movies.



Casino (1995)
With an all-star cast and Martin Scorsese directing them to box-office success, Casino has all the makings of a thrilling gambling movie. In a paradoxical world of Las Vegas, one side showcasing the glitz and glamor of gambling and the other shedding light on the corruption and violence, operator of the swanky Tangiers Casino, Ace Rothstein (Robert De Niro) finds himself enthralled by both as he falls in love with a hustler named Ginger (Sharon Stone).



Rounders (1998)
The cult classic revolves around a young man (Matt Damon) that loses his bankroll to a Russian mobster (John Malkovich). Because of his loss, he decides to turn his attention to law school, until he discovers his childhood friend Lester (Edward Norton) has a huge debt that has yet to be paid. Having newly been released from prison, the two enter a dangerous race to earn huge sums of money that must be paid within five days.


Ocean's 11

Ocean’s 11 (1960)
The Rat Pack collaborate in this feature presentation that follows the story of eleven friends that regroup 15 years after the Second World War to rob five Vegas casinos in just one night.  Everything goes as plans, but the aftermath of the heist proves to be more difficult more than the job itself as the group is threatened when one of the member’s future stepfather learns that they were involved.



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