Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist – June 20, 2014

Brandon's Blu-ray Wishlist THUMBToday’s wishlist was actually one of my most anticipated to see titles in the summer of 2008, believe it or not.  This cult classic comedy also was the start of one of today’s bigger comedy stars.  I still don’t think a lot of people are familiar with it.





foot fist way wishlist

The Foot Fist Way (2006)

Aww yeah.  This movie!  Back in September of 2007, my good friend Ian and I went to see a test screening of what was then dubbed “The next big comedy starring Seth Rogen and James Franco”.  That film wound up being Pineapple Express.  In that film my friend and I latched onto this actor playing the charactor “Red” whom we’d never seen in anything before, but was cracking us the hell up with an incredibly fresh sense of humor and an absolutely dynamite hilarious demeanor.  The next day we quickly looked up who this guy was.  Danny McBride.  It was then that we found out about his “break out” indie film called The Foot Fist Way.  It sounded pretty hilarious.  However, access to it was unavailable.  The movie was sort of getting passed around between Hollywood honchos and Patton Oswalt was actually taking it around with him on his tour at the time and screening it for people.  Try as we might, we couldn’t obtain ourselves a copy whether it be legally or bootlegged.  We prayed for almost an entire year that we’d be able to see this damn movie.

Foot Fist Way 4

Prayers were answered when Paramount (via Will Ferrell and Adam McKay) did a limited release of the film summer of 2008 adjacent from the release of the Sex And The City movie.  Myself, Ian and my good friend John Steven Rocha (of THEEEE Money In The Bank Show fame and these lovely Del Real Foods commercials) left work early that day and headed over to the Arclight Hollywood in great anticipation for the film.  We entered out theater, comprised of maybe 12 other guys, and the Arclight announcer said “You all are either fans of this movie or you refused to go see Sex & The City with your significant others”.  We had hyped this film up greatly for ourselves, would it disappoint?

Foot Fist Way 3

No, it absolutely did not.  If anything, it may have outdone our expectations.  Maybe it was something in the air or popcorn of the Arclight that afternoon, but our little 15 man theater was constantly erupted in laughter and going crazy.  My friends and I were all over the place in our seats pushing each other and stuff because we were laughing so hard.  It was incredible.  Its one of my absolute favorite theater-going experiences of all time.  John, Ian and I almost had to calm ourselves down after the film, because talking about our favorite jokes and scenes got us going crazy again.  I loved that experience, and I am happy to have shared it with the two great friends I went with.

Foot Fist Way 1

I don’t want to spoil a lot of this film, but I’m guessing most of you all are more familiar with Eastbound and Down, which is VERY VERY close in humor with this film.  Just imagine Kenny Powers as a local martial arts instructor Fred Simmons and I think you’re good to go.  This film clearly demonstrates that Danny McBride was going to be a comedic star and force to be reckoned with.  The setting of the film kinda has that low-budget Napoleon Dynamite feel, but its a lot less cartoonish.  The film  also paved way for McBride collaborator Jody Hill, as well as comedic actress Collette Wolfe.  It also takes a terrific spin on parodying Chuck Norris-esque stars past their prime.  And who could forget my favorite character, Mike (played by the director, who is an absolute scene stealer).  The film is grounded, but isn’t afraid to go into a goofy direction.

Foot Fist Way 4

The big bummer for me after it came out in theaters?  Paramount decided to only release it on DVD.  Boo!  I was so disappointed.  I had sworn off buying DVDs at all in 2008.  However, I HAD to have this movie, so I caved and bought it as a day 1 purchase.  And I’m sorry if you’ve not seen the movie and I overhyped it with my story, but my story is 100% how I felt and loved to share.  I’ve recommended it to some friends since that theatrical experience and most were pretty “meh” on it, which is disappointing because this movie is pure McBride/Hill comedy and absolutely hilarious.  I don’t know what could get Paramount to turn around and release this very cult movie on Blu-ray, but it’d be nice (or maybe as my friend Brad said, skip Blu all together and straight to Green-Ray or whatever the next physical format is, if there is one).  This might be my most long shot of long shot requests to be put on Blu-ray so far.  Have you seen this movie?  Did you share my excitement for it or were you like my sister and like “that was kinda boring/lame”?  Tell me in the comments below!


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