Brandon’s Blu-ray Wishlist – September 26, 2014

Brandon's Blu-ray Wishlist THUMBAnd I’m back.  Sorry for the inconsistency, but I’ve been a bit busy with other reviews and blog posts…and well…life outside of typing on a computer.  I’m hoping to make a weekly march toward Halloween starting today, with a new horror movie each week.  The genre has PLENTY of titles that have yet to see the light of Blu-ray greatness.  Some mainstream, some well known and a lot of cult classic films.  Today we’re starting with a film that boasts one of horror’s most notable actresses of all time, Linda Blair!



Hell Night wishlist

Hell Night (1981)

Here’s one from the hay day of slasher films and its actually one of the stronger ones.  Its a slasher with a lot of haunted house and creature feature type touches abound.  The film also has a sort of a unique and interesting twist on it too.  The story follows some fraternity and sorority initiates that have to spend a night in a supposed haunted manor in order to finish out their initiation.  Within the manor are no ghosts or goblins, just a deformed maniac that’s out to slice and dice them up.

Hell Night 3

One thing that has always stuck out to me with this one is that there is a moment where one of the characters finds a dead body and pretty much just hopes a fence as to say “F*** this, I’m outtie”.  While he does end up trying to go for help, which fails him and he returns to help the remainder of the people in the house, the moment where he does leave can’t help but give you a chuckle so as to be like “Finally, somebody with some sense here”.  As this film plays on, too, it kinda is reminiscent of Terror Train meets Tobe Hooper’s Funhouse.  Except instead of a slasher chasing college kids through carnival rides, its a haunted mansion with caverns.

Hell Night 4

Linda Blair is of course our final girl here.  They must have been out to get here during this time as she was nominated for a Razzie ward for her performance in this film.  She’s not bad, she’s just Linda Blair, who I find to be quite the charming B-movie actress.  Also of note here in the cast is Peter Barton, who would later go on to get his face smashed in by Jason Voorhees in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter three years later.  If you take note of the credits, you’ll see the film was executive produced by Chuck Russell who famously directed A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors.  Why not bring a tie to Michael Myers in here while we’re at it?  The producer of the film was Irwin Yablans, who previously produced John Carpenter’s Halloween.

Hell Night 2

Hell Night is a lesser known slasher, though I’m surprised since it has Linda Blair in it.  You’d think a slasher with the girl from The Exorcist would be a more notable film good or bad based on that.  The film has a lower body count, but is a fun little spook show that features some solid filmmaking and effects.  Over the years, it has developed a strong cult following and I know from perusing message boards that its currently holding high on many slasher fans’ Blu-ray lists of ones they really want to see released.

Hell Night 1

The last known rights holder to Hell Night is none other than Anchor Bay.  With the release of a 30th Anniversary Edition of Silent Night Deadly Night a few weeks ago and Anchor Bay Horror showing up on Twitter, I have faith that we’re going to see more vintage horror titles that they have the rights too popping up on Blu-ray.  First and foremost I’d like to see the Phantasm movies they have come to Blu-ray.  But after that, lets get a nice little release of Hell Night.  I’m sure Linda Blair would be game to come back for a new interview and you can port over her old commentary too.    1980s slashers have become top dog collector’s items for Blu-ray horror aficionados, and I’m sure this one would get snatched right up!


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  1. Eric with Cheese Ashley

    Yes! I have this on DVD and it would be great on Blu! It has one of the most infamous (if unfortunate) screams by a male cast member that I can recall! And the commentary with Linda Blair was fantastically humorous and personal.