Bunsen is a Beast! (Comic-Con 2016)

yayomg-bunsen-is-a-beast-2From Butch Hartman, the creative mind behind Fairly Odd Parents and Danny Phantom, comes Bunsen is a Beast. A fun, zanny cartoon show revolving around young boy named Mikey and his new friend Bunsen. In Bunsen’s world beasts are an everyday reality but largely looked upon with fear or disdian. And all poor Bunsen wants to do is fit in. Hilarity ensues as Bunsen makes unlikely friends and unwitting enemies.


Butch shared with the audience concepts and aspects of Bunsen’s world like a living house, the importance of Beast Yeast, and why you should never feed your beast beets. The animation looks bright and incredibly crisp and clean. “I really wanted to capture kind of the newer style of animation that’s happening right now,” explained Butch. Although a detour from his typical style, every bit of Bunsen is a Beast oozes with Hartman’s over-the-top personality. and comdey. This is definitely a show to look out for.



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