Canadian ’80s Lost Classic CURTAINS On Blu-Ray and DVD July 8, 2014!

CurtainsThis one brings some great excitement to the summer.  Curtains, a long thought to be lost horror film, will be making the jump to glorious Blu-ray courtesy of Synapse Films.  This has been on DVD before, but I think the DVD releases of the film are all just ripped from the VHS.  So they’re kinda crummy and cropped/pan & scan.  As a fan of this film, I’m glad to finally get to see it in its original form and presentation.  This is the first of three biggie classic cult slasher acquisitions from Synapse Films (they also have Prom Night and Popcorn coming in the future).  They do great work and take their time in restoring these, so it should be  a nice treat.  Also great, is its got one of those super cool retrospective docs as a a bonus feature.  There’s no pre-order up yet, but no matter, this is an exciting day knowing it has a date and its just 2 months away!

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Curtains MED
ohn Vernon (CHAINED HEAT, National Lampoon’s ANIMAL HOUSE) and Samantha Eggar (THE BROOD, THE EXTERMINATOR) star in this horror classic from the golden age of the slasher genre.

A group of women gather for a weekend casting call at the secluded mansion of director Jonathan Stryker (Vernon). He’s searching for the perfect woman to play the role of the crazed character “Audra”, and these women are just dying for the chance to play her! Stryker’s last star, Samantha Sherwood (Eggar), is so determined to get the part, she committed herself to an asylum to prepare for the role. Unfortunately for all, a crazed killer in a disgusting “hag” mask is viciously murdering everyone one by one. Who will survive the final curtain call?

Lovingly re-mastered in 2K resolution from original vault materials virtually untouched for over 30 years, CURTAINS makes its high-definition world premiere from Synapse Films.

Curtains DVDSpecial Features:

• The Ultimate Nightmare:
The Making of CURTAINS Retrospective
• Audio Commentary with Stars
Lesleh Donaldson and Lynne Griffin
• Audio Interviews with Producer Peter R. Simpson and Star Samantha Eggar
• Theatrical Trailer
• New 5.1 Surround Remix




Disc Info:

Directed by:  Jonathan Stryker
  John Vernon, Samantha Eggar, Lesleh Donaldson, Lynne Griffin
Run Time:
  90 minutes
Release Date:  July 8, 2014 
Aspect Ratio:  Widescreen Anamorphic 1.78:1
Formats:  Blu-ray and DVD
Blu-ray Region:  A

DVD Region:  1

Blu-ray UPC:  654930316290
DVD UPC:  654930316399



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