Charlie Sheen Hits the Road

Just when you thought you couldn’t get your fill of the actor, news surfaced that he’s actually going to bring his “winning” shtick to you. That’s right. Charlie Sheen is going on tour. And here I thought the concept of a Spider-Man musical was an over-the-top theater performance. What could this guy possibly do on stage?

Here is where our articles normally start to expound upon any teasers in our opening paragraph.  Unfortunately, there’s no explanation here.  I don’t know what on earth the Two and a Half Men star is going to do in front of audiences.  Apparently whatever it is, some people can’t wait to see it.  Sheen’s Detroit and Chicago dates have already sold out and tickets for an April 5th Cleveland show go on sale tomorrow ($49.50 and $79.50).  My guess is he’s just going to continue his online rants in person.  Suddenly this guy’s an expert on everything.  Mr. “Defeat is not an Option” seems to have more dialogue than a stand-up comic.  I will give the guy credit in the respect of his capitalizing on all of this in-the-moment media circus that repeatedly throws his image in front of us daily.  Strike while the iron’s hot, eh?  For more information on tour dates, please visit tiger blood.com, I mean, please visit Sheen’s official website at http://www.charliesheen.com.


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