Christopher Nolan on Batman 3 and Superman

SupermanHalleluiah!  My prayers have been answered.  It seems that we finally have some concrete information confirming Christopher Nolan’s involvement in a third Batman film.  I came across this very interesting article (see below) in the LA Times yesterday that I wanted to share with the world…or at least all our readers.  The Geoff Boucher article exposes the director’s involvement in rebooting the Superman franchise as well as spilling the beans on all the wild Batman rumors circulating the net over the past year.  We still don’t know what villain to expect, but at least we know who not to.  I am not going to spoil Geoff’s article in any way.  Fans of these two comic franchises will want to read this article.  Click on the link or image below to read the article in its entirety.  Give yourself a few minutes as it’s a rather lengthy read.  Enjoy!


Christopher Nolan takes flight with Superman: ‘We have a fantastic story’


Christopher Nolan




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6 Responses to “Christopher Nolan on Batman 3 and Superman”

  1. Gerard Iribe

    2 projects in 3 years, averages to about 1 1/2 years for the first project to materialize. Let’s hope my math holds up. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!

  2. Brian White

    I just can’t wait for the sequel to ‘The Dark Knight.’ It was one of my favorite movies ever and also one of my longest Blu-ray reviews ever… (http://intotheblu.com/2008/12/the-dark-knight/)

    …and the news on ‘Sup is cool too…they needed to modernize this franchise after that bomb of a movie years back.

  3. Gerard

    Whatever they decide to do, if the Nolan’s are involved, it will be epic. I just hope that they bring in a super powered villain for him to fight like Doomsday or Darkseid.

    Here’s hoping.

  4. Brian White

    Holy crap! That would be awesome instead of that boring old Lex Luthor character. I am so sick of him.

  5. Gregg

    I also hope they stay clear of Luthor’s character. It’s old hat. We’ll just revisit the same old story of Luthor has some kryptonite, Superman gets beat down, blah blah blah. Darkseid would be cool but a live action Doomsday would just be wicked.

    As for Batman 3, I am strongly hoping they go with the Riddler. After Joel Schumacher and Jim Carey completely botched that character in the 90’s, I would love to see someone get it right. If anyone can steer that ship in the right direction, it’s Christopher Nolan. Depp would be great in the role of Edward Nigma, but even if he can’t take the role, we’d already be off to a good start with Nolan behind the wheel.

  6. Brian White

    I hate to burst everyone’s bubble…but I do remember reading a month ago after hearing of Nolan’s involvement that Luthor will be the villain. If so…YAWN…what a bore!