Christopher Nolan’s 2014 Film – Interstellar Teaser Trailer

interstellar08Some key terms come to mind when I think new Christopher Nolan film – dark, brooding, auteur, IMAX, Zimmer, nonlinear, and Michael Caine of course.  Interstellar is the next film from Nolan and it arrives in theaters November 2014.  Those who saw The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug were treated to a teaser trailer for the film that does exactly that – tease.  The teaser is now online and in this post you will be able to view it.  There are very few details regarding this film so far, but the basics seems to make sense:  solid ensemble cast (McConaughey, Chastain, Hathaway, Caine), use of IMAX cameras, a Hans Zimmer score, and a very secretive attitude revolving around what is really going on here.  Continue on to check out the teaser and see the official logo for the film.

from Christopher Nolan



Synopsis: When a wormhole (which hypothetically connects widely-separated regions of spacetime) is newly discovered, a team of explorers and scientists embark on a voyage through it to transcend previous limitations on human space travel.

November 2014

interstellar banner

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