Cinema Wasteland ’09 – A Moment with Cerina Vincent

Cerina VincentThe bi-annual Cinema Wasteland convention in Strongsville, Ohio can provide an excitement-inducing experience of the senses for the horror fan, casual or hardcore.  Held at the Holiday Inn, you will find an array of vendors, directors and actors, up close and personal.  On October 3rd this year, Why So Blu had the distinct pleasure of speaking with the very talented and stunningly beautiful Cerina Vincent.  Normally this is where I would mention the celebrity’s name ‘of such-and-such fame,’ but Ms. Vincent’s entertainment resumé has grown so quickly, I cannot associate her with just one project. 

Let’s start from the top and work our way down from there.  She started off as the yellow Power Ranger not all that long after moving to California.  From there she made her way to the big screen starring in films such as Not Another Teen Movie and Cabin Fever.  Other productions that she starred in include Darkened Room, It Waits and Return to House on Haunted Hill.  I asked her if she would ever consider branching off from horror films.

Cerina:  Cabin Fever sort of put me on the map in the horror genre and I’m really grateful for that.  I wasn’t necessarily a huge horror fan…I was always terrified to watch them.  So now I have a whole new appreciation for the genre and I absolutely love it.  I feel honored to be a part of it!

One curiosity I’ve always had is what it would be like to work on the set of a horror film.  Directors seem to always pull off that macabre atmosphere with ease.  Finally, here was my chance to find out from Cerina, who has spent her time in the trenches, so to speak. 

Gregg:  When you’re on the set of something like Cabin Fever, you’ve got that dark feeling being relayed on screen; do you pick up on any of that mood on the set?

Cerina:  No, not really.  I think the interesting thing about shooting a horror movie is the acting feels much more false than it does in let’s say, a drama, like this movie Complacent (an upcoming film of hers).  Because in real life, there are no monsters.  You know these buckets of blood and these prosthetics are fake and they feel fake.  So, in your acting I feel like in a horror movie there is a definite sense of falseness.  Whereas when you’re doing an emotional, dramatic crying scene about, I don’t know, losing a child or your boyfriend cheating on you, you tap into a more realistic, more personal place.  So, no, it’s not scary at all.  That’s what’s interesting about horror movies.  It’s not scary and frightening and eerie until you put it all together and you got a great editor and great sound effects and music.  If you’ve ever watched a horror movie without music, it’s not scary.

Remember earlier on when I mentioned that Cerina Vincent is talented?  That was no flashy intro line.  She is the real deal and brings a multi-faceted range of attributes to the table.  Cerina is not a model, but if she ever wanted to enter that field of work, she would have no trouble securing a paycheck with her heart-fluttering smile and flowing brunette locks.  The 8 x 10 glossies in front of her were proof enough of that, let alone seeing the beautiful lass in person.  This all came about when I asked her about her profession of preference.

Gregg:  In terms of the acting versus the modeling, do you have a preference?

Cerina:  Well, I’m not really a model.  I mean I guess I started off modeling when I was a kid.  Some of this stuff (pointing towards her photos) is from photos of magazines that are promoting films.  But, no, definitely acting.  I’m a writer too.

Gregg:  What do you have in the works as far as writing?

Cerina:  I have a series of books out that I co-wrote with a friend of mine, Jodi Lipper…It’s “How to Eat Like a Hot Chick,” “How to Love Like a Hot Chick” and “How to Live Like a Hot Chick” comes out next year.  They’re uplifting girlfriend-to-girlfriend advice books where we redefine the term ‘hot chick.’  So it’s not about looking like you walked off the cover of a magazine.  It’s about being a confident, secure, passionate woman who doesn’t apologize for what size she is, what she looks like or what she does for a living.  It’s sort of the anti-tabloid world where we’re tired of all the stuff that makes a woman feel bad about themselves.  And so they’re really funny, sassy, uplifting books.

The dual efforts of Lipper and Vincent have become so successful that they’ve appeared multiple times on NBC’s Today Show.  For more information on the two titles that are already out and the third on its way, visit www.heydayproductions.com

With so many irons in the fire and her incessant work ethic, it’s no surprise Cerina Vincent has accomplished what she has in front of the camera and in the pages of her books.  With a brilliant mind and her stop-you-in-your-tracks beauty, it’s a safe bet we can expect to see and hear much more of Cerina in the future. 

Thank you, Cerina! 


The beautiful Cerina Vincent & Why So Blu‘s Gregg Senko (below).

Cerina Vincent & Gregg Senko


The beautiful Cerina Vincent & Why So Blu‘s Bran White (below).

Cerina Vincent & Brian White


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Check out Jodi and Cerina’s website Heyday ProductionsHeyday Productions


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  1. Brian White


    I would like to take a quick moment and thank you very much for your time yesterday and for allowing us to interview you.

    I am a huge fan of your film Cabin Fever and when I found out you would be there this year at Cinema Wasteland you were #1 on my list of people I wanted to meet at the show. Thanks for taking the time to talk with us. I am going to make it a point to check out your other work that you are currently developing as well as your screenplays and books. I’m particularly interested in the screenplays. I think we may both know the Green Power Ranger if he is the same fellow I know living in Vegas right now.

    So is it me or does that guy in the background of the above pictures remind you of that section in Maxim magazine where there is always one person in the crowd ruining other people’s pictures? Just an observation!

    Good luck on all your future endeavors Cerina!