Comic-Con 2009 Update #16 – Kick Ass

The 6,000 seat capacity Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center was the location for the Kick-Ass discussion panel.  Yes I’m being serious and if the ‘me’ from two weeks ago is like most people out there, then we are on the same page in not having a clue what the rather blunt title refers to.  Truth be told, it started out as a small independent comic from creators Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.  Now it’s a full-fledged film featuring the likes of Nicholas Cage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad, Role Models) and Aaron Johnson (The Illusionist). 

The main character is Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson); a kid who has probably spent too much time reading comic books which has led to his desire to become a super hero.  He even has his own costume, which is really nothing more than a wetsuit he got off of Ebay.  Dave sets out to fight crime, upon which he gets the absolute tar beat out of him at every turn. 

Eventually he meets another super hero wannabe known as the Red Mist (Mintz-Plasse).  The mismatched duo lead a hopeless cause until they come in contact with some actual talent…in the form of a 10-year old girl.  Now I may have the age off by a bit but you get the picture.  What?  You don’t see how a 10-year old girl fights crime?  Good point.  That’s when the trailer rolled.  The wee lass known as Hit Girl (played by Chloe Morentz) is one wicked case of bad luck for rif-raf and hoodlums.  Not only is she quick with a blade, but she knows her firearms too.  Kick-Ass looks like one wild ride with a lot of dark humor, fast-paced action and exaggerated violence. 

It was mentioned during the discussion panel that now is a great time to get in to comics, and not just from a consumer’s standpoint, but for those looking to work in the business as well.  After all, Kick-Ass started out as a little-known book from a company called Icon.  Here we stand today and the story has made its transition to Hollywood. 


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