Comic-Con 2009 Update #18 – The Women of Comic-Con!

I’ve been telling you all along we have been saving the best Comic-Con 2009 “Exclusive” coverage for last and this story is certainly no exception.  Actually, there’s really no story to be told here.  This article is more of a visual journey to take in some of the more memorable sights, or should I say women, of Comic-Con 2009.  With that being said, if your significant other walks in on you while viewing this page you can simply use the age old excuse that you are reading for the articles of course.  Without further ado I present, in pictures, the women of Comic-Con 2009.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them!

Please click on the below images to expand for maximum viewing pleasure.  All photos were taken by “The Watchmen,” Scott T. Morrison and Blu-ray Brian.  The below images have been compressed for an easy web viewing experience.  Full resolution images are available for sale in any size you may desire.  Please use the contact form here to inquire about purchasing any of the images below.













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3 Responses to “Comic-Con 2009 Update #18 – The Women of Comic-Con!”

  1. Tigui

    Breathtaking, stunning and gorgeous is all I can say about this kind of post. Beautiful women, no matter where they come from are always “neck bending” and inspiring to the eyesight.
    Besides girls in costumes are always two thumbs up.
    With any of these hotties, I’m feeling blu already.
    Great coverage Brian!

  2. blu jay

    good pics—didn’t do a thing for me

  3. Goodfella

    What are you, a queer or somethin’? Those pics were great.