Comic-Con 2009 Update #2 – Lou Ferrigno Interview

After months of waiting for its arrival, the 2009 San Diego Comic Con is but a memory now.  Nevertheless, it was a great time which provided me with the opportunity to interview the “Incredible” Lou Ferrigno.  At 57 years young, the former Mr. Universe is still in outstanding shape as he maintains his daily workouts to keep up his hard-earned physique.  The actor/trainer/body-builder gave us the scoop on what he’s been up to lately as well as his workout expertise and the recent passing of his close friend, Michael Jackson.

Lou Ferrigno Interview

San Diego Comic Con

July 24th , 2009

What are you doing these days?

Well, I have a movie coming out August 11th, “I Love You Man,” it’s a comedy and I’ll do another comedy at the end of the summer.  Basically I’m here doing a lot of conventions which I enjoy doing.


Speaking of films, when you did the cameo in “The Incredible Hulk,” can you give us an idea of how long a scene like that takes?

It’s about 4 or 5 hours because they have to shoot from different angles, they have to light up the whole scene, plus I got to work with Edward Norton who’s such a fine actor. You know, I’m acting but at the same time still learning from him.  It was just a great experience.


Was it a surprise when you got the call to be in the film? 

I was happy but I lobbied very hard to be in the film.  The director approached me two years ago, here.  He told me they were doing a new Hulk movie and I told him I have to be involved in the film.  He said he was a big fan of mine and wanted me to be in the film, so then they started production.  Then he contacted me but I was more excited when I was in New York.  I did a panel with them and he asked if I could do the voice. 


Changing gears a bit, your friend, Michael Jackson, what kind of training regime and exercises was he going through?

He was doing a lot of core exercises with the exercise ball, like stretching, very light treadmill, but nothing heavy because he had to work on his stamina, flexibility and toning. 


What kind of timeframe did this encompass and was this in regard to the upcoming tour?

Yeah, I trained for a couple months, then I hadn’t seen him a few weeks before.  Then I got the news about his death as I was about to train him again before he went to England, but I had a great time with him.


You’re working out, you look great.  How does working out today compare to working out when the body’s a little more open to the weight training?

Well today I basically just do maintenance training.  Twenty-some years ago I trained much heavier.  Over here (pointing to photo) I’m 44 years old with 325 pounds, 2% body fat, I was literally training 3 to 4 hours a day.  So the training now has more to do with maintenance and it’s more fun today.


How do you feel about supplements?

Supplements are good, like vitamins, but I don’t think they should replace food.  It’s like some people take 4 or 5 shakes a day.  I mean supplements are good but I only like vitamins. 


Okay, thank you for your time Mr. Ferrigno!

Okay, you’re welcome!





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