Comic-Con 2009 Update #5 – Warner Bros.

OK…so here is a panel I almost skipped in favor of hanging out in the exhibit hall.  I was also encouraged to stand in line early for the 24 panel later that day, but for some reason I chose to stand in line for the Warner Bros. movie panel, a choice I will never regret.  I can’t believe how many celebs were in attendance here for this panel.  This panel was definitely one of the highlights of Comic-Con 2009…for me at least.  Not only did I get to see Megan Fox in person, but also Robert Downey Jr., Denzel Washington, Cameron Diaz and many more!  How many people can say that?  I know the answer to that…at least 6,000 people in attendance with me within Hall H at the San Diego Convention Center on July 24th.  Let’s take a look at the Warner Bros. panels in more detail shall we?

First up we have the film Where The Wild Things Are.  Spike Jonez was in attendance here along with the young boy featured in the film.  I am not gonna lie, this movie panel bored the heck out of me.  Not only was I not interested in the film whatsoever, but they proceeded to show clip after clip after clip.  I have no pictures to share with you here.  Fans of the book, I am sure, will love this film.  I think I was one of the few people who could care less about this film.

The next film panel was a movie titled The Book of Eli.  The opening clip shown was that of a motion comic.  The audience seemed bored out of their minds.  I was wondering what the heck I just watched.  That is until Mila Kunis, Gary Oldman and Denzel Washington entered the stage and the place erupted in excitement.  I could not contain myself either.  I am a big fan of all three of them and could not believe they were all on the same stage.  Then came the shocker…they played the ‘REAL” trailer of the movie which I am surprised to say looks pretty good.  I still have no idea what the movie is about, but the trailer made me want to see it.  As you have probably already read all over the web, when asked, Gary Oldman said that filming will begin next year on the third Batman movie.  He made no mention of Christopher Nolan or of any release date, so I am skeptical about how honest his answer was.  Nonetheless the audience went into a frenzy with that particular answer.


Next up we have a little re-make called…drum roll please…A Nightmare on Elm Street.  I knew nothing about this remake going in, but I was excited after seeing the footage and trailer they premiered at Comic-Con.  Sadly, I have no pictures to share with you here, but I can say Freddy looks scarier than ever.  They said this movie will be scary and they will not spend to much time on the origin story of Freddy like Rob Zombie did in his take on the Halloween franchise.  Freddy Kreuger will be played by Jackie Earle Haley, who was in attendance on the panel, and is best known for his most recent role as Rorschach in the film Watchmen.  It was also reported that Robert Englund will not make a cameo in the film sad to say, depending on how you feel about that.

Another surprise happened for me when fan favorite Cameron Diaz entered the stage along with James Marsden (Cyclops of the X-Men franchise) to promote their upcoming horror film titled The Box.  It looks like that classic tale of moral decisions.  We were treated to a pretty lengthy trailer for the movie.  What would you do if given the following choice…would you press a button on this box that will give you $1 million dollars in cash (we all know we need everything we can get in these hard economic times, right?) knowing that 1 person in the world you do not know will die.  I should mention that this film takes place in the 1970’s just in case you were thinking $1 million is not that much.  Yeah right!


I am not a fan of cowboy movies or westerns by any means, but Megan Fox sells me on a little comic book movie titled Jonah Hex.  Who is Jonah Hex?  Who cares!  Megan Fox is in this one!  OK…ok…for all you ladies too…Josh Brolin is the title character so you will get your fix too!  It does not matter whether this movie is bad or good because if you saw the trailer I saw at Comic-Con that morning in Hall H, then you won’t care as long as you can stand seeing Megan Fox look incredibly hot in a film for 90+ minutes.  Who knows.  Maybe I am in the minority here.   NOT!



Last but certainly not least we come to another very small project called Sherlock Holmes.  Again, I had very little interest in this film, but who can deny the irresistable charm of Robert Downey Jr.   Without even being announced by the panel’s host Robert came rushing onto the stage straight to the podium and so began another very entertaining panel capping off the best panel I attended at Comic-Con.  Sadly to say, I got shut out of the 24 panel that day…BUT…I got to see Megan Fox, Robert Downey Jr., Denzel Washington, Cameron Diaz and many more!  I can’t let regret spoil those rewards.  Needless to say, after seeing the Sherlock Holmes’ clips provided aand discussed at the panel, it looks like another movie I will be lining up to see upon its theatrical release. 


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