Comic-Con 2010: Adam Green’s Hatchet II

Capping off my adventures at Comic-Con 2010 on Friday, July 23rd, I settled into a 4th row seat within room 32ab for the Hatchet II panel hosted by writer/director Adam Green.  I’ll be honest; I attended this primarily to get an up-close glimpse of the beautiful Danielle Harris (a favorite of mine from the old and new Halloween franchises), but as I listened to the brilliant Adam Green speak, the inspiring filmmaker in me could not help but try to absorb every word of wisdom he had to say. I could not wait for the panel to be over, not to take a picture of the siren Danielle for whom I came for, but to pick the mind of the brilliant man that was speaking over the course of 45 minutes.  It’s goal achievers like Adam that inspire and motivate me to be the best I can be in life.  Not only was he a down to Earth everyday friendly kind of guy, but most importantly, you can tell that he is truly happy and passionate in what he does in life.  And that’s important!

The film, which will see a limited a limited release in Fall 2010, could not get an R-rating.  Sadly, Adam Green, as he is accustomed to, had to go to trial and petition his rights.  But thankfully, he was able to secure a major theater chain and it will be the first time in cinema history that they will show an unrated movie.  It’s not certain as to how widespread the release will be, but c’mon, this is good news for all us horror folks.  And I have to tell you, it’s ridiculous.  We were shown the trailer twice and numerous clips and while the footage could be considered borderline obscene and violent, it’s nothing I have never seen before with an R-rating stamp of approval attached to it.  I don’t know what’s wrong with the MPAA sometimes.  Adam could not disclose the name of the theater chain that will be showing it, but Dark Sky will distribute the film.  I just hope it comes to Blu-ray as I know better not to hold my breath waiting to see this gem ever shown in a Cleveland, OH theater, I think.

Over the course of the 45-minute something panel, we were shown clips that added up to a number of 8 kills.  Adam promised us 8 kills and that’s exactly what we got.  Isn’t it funny how life works sometimes?  You go some place for one reason and leave with a totally different perspective in life.  Thanks Adam.  It was nice meeting and conversing with you.  I hope to catch up with you sometime soon.  I want to hear more about your ghost-hunting club.  I wish you nothing but the best with Hatchet II and future projects.  I’m going to check out Frozen ASAP.

Below are some pictures I took of the panel and yes; there are a few Danielle Harris pictures.  I’m sorry; I just could not help myself.  But at least I know I was not the only one there for Danielle.  I don’t think the guy who sat in front of me ever pointed his camera elsewhere, other than the lovely Danielle Harris.  Enjoy folks!


Adam gave me his best Why So Blu pose for the site.  Thanks again Adam!


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3 Responses to “Comic-Con 2010: Adam Green’s Hatchet II”

  1. Scott T. Morrison

    Adam was also part of the Troma independent film panel. I can’t wait to see this film. The trailer looked cool.

  2. Gerard Iribe


    Tre cool!

  3. Brian White

    Awesome Scott. I just found that out before after looking at his Twitter page. Yep, I’m looking forward to his film too, very much!