Comic-Con 2010: Drive Angry 3D

I’m finally scraping the bottom of the barrel with all my Comic-Con 2010 coverage, but that doesn’t mean the following stories are any less important than the others.  I usually save some of the best for last.  Usually.  Drive Angry 3D is a hard R-rated action/adventure that was filmed in Real 3D and proudly features violence, sex, revenge and car stunts.  And best of all, Drive Angry stars my twin (as so many tell me), Nicolas Cage, the beautiful Amber Heard and bada$$ William Fitchner.  Director Patrick Lussier said the shoot was finished just 9 weeks before the Friday Comic-Con Hall H presentation.  The special effects were only 3 weeks old.

Nicolas Cage said he was comfortable with doing all the driving stunts except when there were people on the hood of his car.  However, he joked that Amber Heard on the hood of the car made this movie so much better than Gone in 60 Seconds.

Patrick was told not to “drive angry” on Ground Hog Day.  Hence, that’s where the film’s title came from.

When asked, Amber Heard said that Nicolas Cage acted a like a little bit of both…Big Daddy and Bad Lieutenant.

Nicolas Cage said he loves all film genres.  He is not tied down to just one.  He said he tries to keep it fresh and interesting.  If you look back at all his roles, I guess I would call that a true statement.

It may be me, but I just was not impressed by what I saw from the film’s 3D trailer they screened twice.  Drive Angry 3D opens nationwide February 11, 2010.




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