Comic-Con 2010: PS3’s Splatterhouse

Check out Why So Blu game reviewers Sam Bushman and Dan Morrison as they preview and commentate on Splatterhouse for the Playstation 3 live from the main floor of Comic-Con 2010 in beautiful San Diego, CA.  So sit back, relax and enjoy this exciting video commentary as only Dan and Sam can deliver on this highly anticipated Playstation 3 video game title.



Splatterhouse Main Page – http://www.splatterhousegame.com/



4 Responses to “Comic-Con 2010: PS3’s Splatterhouse”

  1. Gregg

    Brilliant! I remember one of the original versions for the Turbo Graphix 16. Seeing as that system cost a few house payments back in the day, I never knew anyone that had one and never got a chance to play it. With this enhanced update, it looks like it’ll prove to be one wicked hack-n-slash. The graphics look sweet!

  2. Brian White

    I also had this for the TG 16 back in the day and it was a kick a$$ game. This could actually a title I would buy for the ps3. ..nothing complex…just slash and hack away.

  3. Gerard Iribe

    I was poor. I could only play the demo at the local shopping mall. Always dug the game. I heard they were making a film or something.

    I may give this game a spin when it hits stores.

  4. Keith G. Thomas

    My two high school buddies had a turbo,and I had the Genesis. I always thought the Genesis was better and had way more games. But Splatterhoue and a few others made me give the Turbo its props. A must buy for me!! Can’t wait!