Comic-Con 2010: Spartacus

Comic-Con fans packed Room 6BCF on Friday to get a glimpse of the hottest show on premium cable.  Move over True Blood… I’m talking Spartacus: Blood and Sand! We were gathered there that day to celebrate three things: everything Spartacus and their success, the upcoming 6-part prequel miniseries and most importantly, Andy Whitfield’s defeat of cancer.  It was like being in the gladiator arena audience.  The crowd was rowdy as can be.  And I truly loved every minute of this panel!

Again, there’s really no easy way to put down in type everything that was discussed so if you don’t mind I’m just going to list everything in order that I was able to capture/retain and also hit you up with some snazzy pictures I took.  Enjoy!

In attendance on the panel were the beautiful Viva Banca (Ilithyia), John Hannah (Batiatus), Lucy Lawless (Lucretia), Stephen S. DeKnight and Andy Whitfield (Spartacus).

Andy Whitfield thanked fans for their loving support during his courageous battle with cancer.  He cannot wait to get back in the gym.  He is now cleared for work.  He says that if you eat less food and do more exercise, then you look like Spartacus.

John Hannah is so happy to come back for this 6-part prequel series titled Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

DeKnight promises that the prequel hits the ground running with all guns blazing.  He said season 2 will see all the battles outside the arena (This so reminds me of Prison Break doesn’t it a little?).  He said, jokingly, he hopes the show last for 10 to 12 seasons (so do I).  He said that the only scene the Starz network prohibited so far has been a scene in episode 4 where Spartacus bites a chunk of the neck off from his opponent.  So instead they had to have him poke his eyes out.

SEASON 1 SPOILER:  DeKnight regrets cutting John Hannah.  He was the cruelest cut.  Unfortunately, there is no outlet for him once the prequel is done.  He also said that he is the perfect villain because you love him, but absolutely hate him by the end.

DeKnight also commented about the sexy fans in the audience.  LOL.  He went on to say that the new goal for Spartacus will see him become more and more socially conscious as he sees outside his own personal vengeance and will eventually lead a slave rebellion.

The moderator of the panel chimed in and talked about a Spartacus iPhone app where you can put in any word and it will spit out a Spartacus-like profanity line.  This was designed in the UK.  Honestly, when the iPhone comes to a dependable network and I get one, this will be the first app I download.  LOL.

Andy Whitfield said Spartacus’ character hates Viva’s character in the series the most, except in episode 9.

A fan thanked Viva for saving him $24 a month, as he no longer needs Playboy.  As creepy as that statement sounded and as uncomfortable as that probably was for Viva to hear, you have to give the guy props for having the courage to say it, I guess.

DeKnight said his writing has benefitted from spending a few years working with Whedon.  He sadly said we will not get to see Varo in the prequel.

John Hannah commented on his characters in Spartacus and in The Mummy films.  He says he just plays along with the good writing.

DeKnight said that season 2 will not be heavy on Sura flashbacks.

Andy Whitfield said when he was in his best shape he had 9 to 10% body fat and weighed 85 kilos (190 lbs. ?).  He said he is going to try and get even bigger this year.

Andy said now that he has a taste of acting… it’s something he wants a lot more of.  Viva feels the same way as Andy and is in the same vote as they are both from Australia and this is their first American project.

SEASON 1 SPOILER – It was extremely hard for Andy to kill off his friend Varro in the series.

DeKnight’s favorite moment is when Viva goes bananas on another actress (that was a great scene!).

Lucy Lawless and John Hannah’s favorte scene was a sexual one they shared where they were exchanging dialogue and their slaves were helping them with… um… certain things.

Viva loved how her character has evolved from being a spoiled princess to having to go out in the ruthless world and survive on her own.

DeKnight said talk of a video game has come up.  He really would like to see a console game and action figures.

Lucy Lawless doesn’t miss the sword fighting she used to do in Xena.  She also stated she started to work out now for the very first time in life.  Personally, I find that very hard to believe?

DeKnight confirmed that there will be no Theocoles fight in the prequel.

A fan commented that there is a big gay community following of the show.  DeKnight said that he is grateful for this.  He said same sex relationships, as depicted in Spartacus, are historically accurate.

DeKnight also confirmed that there is talk about the next comic book series next year for Spartacus.

Lucy jokingly said that you have not seen all my red wigs.

The panel also gave us a tidbit of info that my keen eyes have never picked up on.  We were told that as a character gets closer to death you will notice symbols on their outfits that symbolize death and such.

As you can see below, the cast of Spartacus is extremely appreciative and fond of their fan base, as we are of all of them.


Spartacus Season 1 arrives on Blu-ray Sept. 21st.  Pre-Order yours today!


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3 Responses to “Comic-Con 2010: Spartacus”

  1. Gregg

    It was a great, intimate discussion with some of the biggest players in the show! Insightful and entertaining to the last!

  2. Antoinette

    Wish I was there! Great photos!

  3. Brian White

    Thanks Antoinette! Gregg is dead on right with his comments. It was an amazing panel…one of the best this year at Comic-Con!