Comic Con 2010: Spider-Man Comics

Another Comic-Con is in the history books as Sunday saw the big event wind down and come to a close.  Before the staff of Why So Blu packed their bags and were on their way, there was still time to gather last minute pieces of information.  For all you Spider-Man readers out there, I have some interesting news that will fill the pages of Marvel’s most heralded title come this fall.  First off, expect the webslinger issues to grow to 30 pages in length and be released twice a month.  This will commonly feature 22-page main stories with 8-page story arcs also developing within the book.  Secondly, reagarding character content, one new ally will come about and two old foes will be coming back to town; the Hobgoblin and Scorpion.  Spider-Girl will be getting her own title, but it will be a different woman taking the mantle than that of her predecessor.  For the bad guys, Mac Gargan will reprise his role as the Scorpion.  As to how he sheds his symbiote skin, that detail was left unrevealed.

Speaking of symbiotes, the panel stated that there will be a revival of characters on the horizon involving the gooey life forms.  One such being to make his return is none other than Carnage, one of the most feared villains in the Marvel universe, but also one of the most requested by readers.  With Hybrid, Anti-Venom, Venom, and Toxic all out there somewhere, there is no telling which of these will become a more prominent symbiote player…if any. 

Personally I’m still amped about the whole Carnage thing.  He’s just one of the most violent and wicked-looking characters around and he disappeared before I got back into reading comics.  It wasn’t really stated if it will be Cletus Kasady or someone else.  Though Kasady met his demise in space, I’m sure the creative writing crew at Marvel will be able to bring him back.  Heck, if Cap can come back by saying the gun that shot him was a time travelling device, I’m sure my neighbor’s six-year old can figure out a better revival for the scarlet maniac.

Lastly, Spidey himself will undergo some new changes.  Peter Parker will land a career, and one that pays quite well.  More money means better Spidey gadgets and more gadgets means more ways to thwart the opposition.  The fun doesn’t stop there though for our hero.  In addition to his new array of toys, the panel was tight-lipped about, they did Spider-Man will have a variety of new costumes as well, one of which was all black with a neon green spider logo, the other was a Fantastic Four uniform.  Ooh’s and ah’s littered the air at the sight at the sight of Spider-Man in the blue threads featuring the prominent circled 4, but no further information was given on Parkers new closet of wardrobes.  If anything was certain at the close of the Spider-Man panel, it’s the fact that the future looks exciting for our web-spinning hero.



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