Comic-Con 2010: The Expendables

This was the panel I came to San Diego for.  If there was one Comic-Con 2010 panel I was not going to miss, it was this one.  It would be the chance for me to see my favorite childhood action hero in real life, Slyvester Stallone, and I was not going to miss it for the world.  After we got done with the Tron Legacy press panel, another highlight from the Con (here), we hiked over to the convention center and waited in line for over an hour to get into the place where all the action was going down on Thursday, July 22nd, Hall H. Harry Knowles represented the estrogen on the stage (he joked) as he introduced the testosterone filled all-star panel.  And when Stallone took the stage, my life finally felt complete.

The panel consisted of both old and new action stars.  Sadly, Jason Statham wasn’t there, but in addition to Stallone, on hand were Randy Couture (a UFC champion), Terry Crews (this guy is crazy), Dolph Lundgren (“I will break you”), “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and even a surprise visit from Mr. Diehard himself, Bruce Willis.  So just like I have been doing this whole past week, I’m just going to list everything below informally as it was discussed in Thursday’s panel.  So sit back and reminisce about the good old action movies of your childhood as Stallone brings the hardcore Rated-R action back, full throttle, for all of us to enjoy!

Stallone said that this film is a love letter to every action fan.

Steve Austin accidentally broke Stallone’s neck in a fight scene.  He had to have 3 screws put into his neck.  He wanted the fight scene to look real.  He also said that any film he has ever done where doesn’t get hurt, stinks.  He used Rhinestone as an example.

Stallone said the film is a real life action movie with no CGI.  He said he looked in CGI and it smelled of desperation.  He wanted to do it the old way, the classical way.

Stallone said they shot in Brazil because you can hurt people in Brazil.  LOL.

Stallone said that Lionsgate was shocked when Comic-Con gave them permission to play this tunnel scene for all of us in attendance.   It was everything an action junkie fan of the 80’s, like me, could ever ask for and more.

Stallone said he hates arm wrestling.

Stallone said that he loves directing more than acting because he is a complete control whore and a total power freak.

Stallone said he is a geek like all of us because he went to school as a young child with a Superman outfit under his clothes.

As an extra bonus, the people from the Guinness Book of World Records showed up to present Stallone and Dolph with a plaque cementing their names in history as Rocky became the most successful sports franchise in cinema history.  That’s quite an achievement.  I’m glad I was there to witness Stallone earn this milestone lifetime accomplishment.  Yo Adrian!

When asked whether or not it was difficult to assemble the “Dream Team” cast he has in The Expendables, Stallone answered no.  He said if he would have thought about it, then it probably would not have happened, but he just made a few calls and people were willing to be involved.  Surprisingly, Steven Segal, Chuck Norris and Van Damme were unresponsive.  Oh well, their loss.

This movie represents my childhood and I can’t wait for August 13th to roll around when The Expendables opens everywhere, nationwide.  Get out there and support a real action movie next weekend!


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4 Responses to “Comic-Con 2010: The Expendables”

  1. Gerard Iribe


    I’m gonna be grilling a giant BBQ cow’s head in the theater when this comes out.

    *grunts loudly*

  2. Helen Gynell

    Nice article. Loved hearing this “everything an action junkie fan of the 80?s, like me, could ever ask for and more.” August 13th tick tock tick tock

  3. Antoinette

    Great article, its a really good read and entertaining. I like how you described all the stars. =)

  4. Brian White

    Thanks Antoinette. I appreciate the kind words 🙂