Comic-Con 2010: Witch Doctor from Skybound / Image Comics

One of the greatest things about attending Comic-Con is the sneak peak attendees have access to; from everything like movies to publications, the grand event houses several of these opportunities.  During a recent discussion panel with Image’s Robert Kirkman, the creative force introduced the new comic book label, Skybound, which falls under the realm of Image Comics.  One of the first titles under this fresh new imprint is a very unique story titled Witch DoctorWith sample issues hitting the convention hall sales floor, readers jumped at the chance to grab their promo copies and meet with Witch Doctor’s creators Brandon Seifert (writer) and Lukas Ketner (artist).

The Alaska natives have brought something truly distinctive to the comic book world.  As the super hero genre overflows with repetitiveness, the artistic duo have delivered a black and white comic book story that mixes the macabre with medical science and a little other-worldly magic for good measure.  Hey, a little mystic potion never hurt anyone, right?  Okay, maybe a little, but Witch Doctor is going to take that to the next level.  The story provides an air of complexity at times along with consistent thought-provoking storytelling as the title’s practitioner goes to work on extracting a vampire-like organism from a reanimated corpse.

I will be the first to admit, I was, up until very recently, an anti black and white comic reader. With The Walking Dead turning that feeling on its head, I eagerly jumped into Skybound’s Witch Doctor.  The Seifert/Ketner tandem is pure chemistry on paper as they deliver an eye-popping story of curious proportions. If there is any drawback to the title, it’s the waiting period for issue 1.  Witch Doctor will hit stores in 2011.  Even so, if the rest of the series is like the promo issue, then this one is definitely worth the wait.  Until then, I suggest grabbing a promo copy and visiting the title’s official website at www.witchdoctorcomic.com.  If you thought House was a bit disturbed, wait until you delve into the world of the Witch Doctor.


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