Comic-Con 2013: The Legend of Korra

Korra_SDCC_Poster_FINAL-001For this San Diego Comic Con post, I am going to have to emphasize the word ‘unfortunate’, because it was very unfortunate that I could not make it to the panel for the animated series The Legend of Korra.  A new season will be premiering in the fall and it is a great show that I am very much looking forward to.  This Emmy-winning sequel series to the Emmy-winning Avatar: The Last Airbender was one of the best shows on TV last year.  Not just as far as animated show go, but television in general.  It combines incredibly well-animated action and settings with strong characters and very interesting concepts, all while being wholly appropriate for people of all ages.  While I was not able to attend the panel, which actually screened the first episode of the upcoming season (Comic Con is just too incredibly busy of a time to see everything), I was able to find some highlights from the panel, which can be found below, along with some photos and a trailer for the upcoming season.  Enjoy.


Below please find some highlights from The Legend of Korra panel that was held today Friday, July 19 in Ballroom 20:   

  • The Legend of Korra co-creators and executive producers Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko announced that Book 2: Spirits will premiere September 2013 on Nickelodeon.
  • The first episode of Book 2: Spirits, “Rebel Spirit,” was screened for the first time for those in attendance.
  • Executive producers and co-creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino (Avatar: The Last Airbender) and co-executive producer Joaquim Dos Santos (Avatar: The Last Airbender) discussed what’s in store for the highly anticipated Book 2: Spirits. They also shared never-before-seen artwork and a mind-blowing Book 2 trailer.  Joining the creative team on the panel were Janet Varney (voice of Korra), David Faustino (voice of Mako) and P.J. Byrne (voice of Bolin).


The new season introduces:

  • James Remar (Dexter) as Tonraq, Korra’s father
  • Richard Riehle (Office Space) as Bumi, Tenzin’s brother
  • Lisa Edelstein (House) as Kya, Tenzin’s sister
  • Adrian LaTourelle (Sons of Anarchy) as Unalaq, Korra’s uncle
  • Aubrey Plaza (Parks & Recreation) as Eska, Unalaq’s daughter and Korra’s cousin
  • Aaron Himelstein (Joan of Arcadia) as Densa, Unalaq’s son and Korra’s cousin
  • John Michael Higgins (Pitch Perfect, Best in Show) as Varrick, an eccentric capitalist
  • Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) will be voicing the guest role of Wan, the very first Avatar, in two episodes.
    • Ten thousand years before Korra’s time, Wan was a teenage explorer and a skilled bender who used his cunning and courage to try to bring balance between mankind and the spirits.  His quest ultimately leads him to becoming the first Avatar.

Click the link below to pick up the first season of The Legend of Korra in a very awesome Blu-ray package (I own it, it’s great!)

Here is the trailer for The Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirits

korra 2

The Legend of Korra Book 2: Spirits will premiere September 2013 on Nickelodeon


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