Comic-Con 2010 Begins with Nikita

Let the Con begin!  Staff members from Why So Blu have descended upon the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con.  For the inundated, Comic-Con is not simply a fanboy event to get all oogly-googly over Spider-Man and Wonder Woman.  Ohhh no, my friends. It is so much more than that.  It has become one of the largest launch pads in the world for film, alternative press, collectibles, gaming, television…you name it.  With Wednesday the 21st being Preview Night, a few of us had the opportunity to watch the premiere of the CW Network’s Nikita, courtesy of Warner Bros. Studios.

The new action-packed series stars Maggie Q of Mission: Impossible III fame along with Lyndsy Fonseca (Kick-Ass) and Shane West (ER).  The series will debut this fall on Thursdays at 9:00pm, but for now, you can whet your appetite with our coverage of the inaugural episode.  Maggie Q wasted no time in taking the helm of this new series as one very capable woman on a mission.  Amidst a notable supporting cast, Q develops admirable chemistry with her cast mates, though it is one of a very opposing point of view as she takes on a secret government organization known simply as the Division.

The only things that fly faster than the punches and kicks in this show are the bullets.  The fight scenes are fast, furious and to the point while the acting holds its own and the conflicts.  The action, however, goes hand in hand with a carefully woven story that ended the first episode with one very unexpected curveball.  I shall say no more, other than to stress how entertaining this one solo episode was.  If this is what the intro brought, I cannot wait to dive into the full series.  Nikita has a great flow to its delivery and was impressive to say the least.  You’ll find no shortage of spies, intrigue, espionage and one very deadly rogue agent known only as Nikita.


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  1. Gerard Iribe

    She looks like Psylocke from X-Men.