Comic-Con Update #10 – Mayhem! (featuring Tyrese Gibson)

During my stroll of the vendor floor at this year’s Comic Con, which can often cause sensory overload, I happened to be confronted by one very attractive woman selling copies of some comic book signed by actor/model/writer Tyrese Gibson.  “Sure,” I thought.  “I’ll buy one!”  Upon which I was immediately herded into a line that led to who-knows-where, but I didn’t care. 

Remember the part about sensory overload?  If you’ve never been to a San Diego Comic-Con before, the best I can describe the vendor floor is like being force-fed a thousand enticing images all at once…and you want to buy one of everything you see.  Unless your last name is ‘Trump,’ chances are you have to pick and choose your poison there.  So when Ms. Model had a signed issue of Tyrese Gibson’s Mayhem! from Image Comics up for grabs, I was game. 

Shortly after being designated my spot in line that I unwittingly stood in, eyes glazed over in a childlike stupor from now owning a signed Tyrese Gibson comic, I soon realized what the line was for…to meet TG himself!  I will say that Mr. Gibson was very down to earth and very gracious toward his fans.  He’s the kind of guy that if you asked him about the ball game from the night before, he will gladly talk to you about it. 

After a quick photo op, the Transformers hero exclaimed to me that, “That comic is action-packed!  You’re gonna love it!”  Not simply self-promoting his work, I can back up his statement with confidence.  His words indeed ring true.  Mayhem! features a Gibson-esque vigilante, who teams up with an attractively drawn female sidekick.  Together, the two take on some of LA’s biggest organized crime with guns blazing and cold, airborne steel descending on its target.  Issue 1 of Mayhem! is fast-paced and big on tearing up the bad guys with blinding speed while allowing readers a sneak peek into the psyche of the title character.

If you are big on spent casings, kicked-in doors and bringing down the bad guys, then keep an eye out for this series at your local comic book retailer!          


Pictured below: Tyrese Gibson & WhySoBlu.com Author Gregg Senko

Click on image above to expand for maximum viewing pleasure.


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