Dances With Films Festival 2017 – Best of Fest ‘Wrap Up’

The curtain has permanently closed on the illustrious 20th Annual Dances With Films Festival 2017 and we’re frankly movie exhausted.  (In a good way!)  With over a dozen feature films and a gaggle of shorts given critical skinny and even a layered leading lady turn highlighted with some additional interview insight, this year WhySoBlu.com has been bloody busy.  But as the curtain closes it’s time to give a final farewell with our own awards, highlighting what we consider the best of the best via the Dances with Films Fest and the competition was high.  But in the end (or in each category!) there can be only one – welcome to the our picks of the…

WhySoBlu.com Best of Fest ‘Wrap Up!’

Best Film – Eliza Sherman’s Revenge

A wonderfully original movie conundrum that cleverly infuses payback, super powers and 80’s icon Richard Grieco, Eliza Sherman’s Revenge takes the kick ass cinematic cake.

Best Actor – Leon Russom in The Midnighters

In a turn way too deep to be dismissed, Leon Russom’s sad and soulful aging safecracker via the film The Midnighters is the stirring stuff Oscars should be made of.

Best Actress – Abby Eiland in Cassidy Red

Proving that lethal ladies can indeed be layered, Cassidy Red’s wild west dame Abby Eiland’s Josephine is the perfect blend of passion and power rolled into one distinctively deadly female – damsels in distress are a thing of the past.

Best Director – Kevin Renwick with Grief

Proving that cinematic style even in a dark drama can lovingly exist, filmmaker Kevin Renwick fills his flick Grief with so much visual prowess that even Kubrick would approve.

Best Documentary – Resistance is Life

Being an inspiring portrait of hope in the face of trying times and an important history lesson in the battles against ISIS oppression, this doc told through the eyes of unwaveringly positive child Evlin has the movie best of both worlds.

Best Short Film – Wink

With this inspired “not knowing where it’s going to go next” piece written and directed by filmmaker Monika Petrillo (one to watch!), embracing a feminine spirit and celebrating what it feels like to be a woman unbridled, Wink is a short that fantastically puts females first.

A huge shout out to all involved for making our fest watching experience possible and especially to ALL filmmakers big and small for continuing to make movies and most importantly getting accepted into one of the coolest fests ever.  (Not a small feat folks!)  WhySoBlu.com from Dances With Films 2017 signing off – till next year film fans!


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