Dark Knight Breaks Blu-ray Record Sales on 1st Day!

Believe the hype ladies and gentlemen… “We are tonight’s entertainment…” proclaims the Joker.  The sales reports are in and here is the official word from Warner Bros.  The Blu-ray release of The Dark Knight sold approximately 600,000 copies in the US, Canada and UK this past Tuesday the 9th.  This single day accomplishment buries the previous record holder Iron Man, which sold near 250,000 units on the first day of release.  It took Iron Man a whole week to reach the 400,000 mark.  I am not sure which new Blu-ray release, until the likes of Star Wars hits the format, can ever topple The Dark Knight’s stampede on the record chart.  We knew this day was coming.  This is a victory for us Blu-ray fans across the globe.  With numbers like these and greater numbers of Blu-ray adopters it won’t be long until we turn the tides on DVD sales.


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